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High Gas Prices have always been part of the Green Agenda

Obama has said it on record many times. Numerous green advocates in his administration have said it as well:

While the head of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, Chu (Steven Chu- now Obama Energy Secretary), told The Wall Street Journal that energy prices were the lynchpin to an energy overhaul. “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Chu said in September 2008.

Then the public will conform to central command and get off that pesky, cheap, prosperity-driving fuel source called oil. 

The only problem with the ‘Green’ Agenda is that:

A: It does not work or deliver anything usable at a reasonable price.

B: It can only be afforded/indulged in by the wealthy, dual-income couples, or empty nesters at the height of their earning curve.

C: It most harms the poor and will cause them, and the economy in general, great suffering before we achieve any significant green ‘transformation’ (read this as a regression to a third world or primitive standard of living) of our society.

Why is our national leader, the President (and his administration), not pulling out the stops to jumpstart domestic energy production and start reducing our vulnerability to backwards Middle Eastern regimes and the chance of war? This is the reason. Welcome to the green revolution.


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A Call for Justice against Govt Perpetrators of Climate Fraud

Viscount Monckton on Climategate: ‘They Are Criminals’ (PJM Exclusive)

The man who challenged Al Gore to a debate is furious about the current explosion of taxpayer-funded climate fraud by governments— and says why you should be, too.

Read what this real leader and climate hero has to say on all of the junk-science and fraud being done at our expense:

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US Government Agencies Manipulate Raw Temperature Data to Hide Decline

This is one of the most definitive smoking guns I have seen of government corruption and collusion in creating a climate crisis that doesn’t exist! The US raw ground temperature data used to support any statement of the climate trends and, therefore, political decisions are no longer credible or trusted. They have been manipulated in what can only be described as an Orwellian manner.

In the UK Climate Research Unit (CRU) ClimateGate incident, much of the raw data behind their temperature record was revealed as ‘missing’. All they had was manipulated data that no one could validate as accurate. Not to worry, the CRU defenders said. They are only 1 of 3 major global temp datasets used to ‘prove’ Global Warming. Anthony Watts of the Watts Up With That? blog explains:

There are three main global temperature datasets. One is at the CRU, Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, where we’ve been trying to get access to the raw numbers. One is at NOAA/GHCN, the Global Historical Climate Network. The final one is at NASA/GISS, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The three groups take raw data, and they “homogenize” it to remove things like when a station was moved to a warmer location and there’s a 2C jump in the temperature. The three global temperature records are usually called CRU, GISS, and GHCN. Both GISS and CRU, however, get almost all of their raw data from GHCN. All three produce very similar global historical temperature records from the raw data. (Source)

When Anthony Watts stumbled across issues in the shoddy network of ground temperature stations in the US in 2007, he started an independent review with a site called The scrutiny and embarrassment to the US governing body (National Climatic Data Center) overseeing this critical network of raw climate data led to admissions of poor quality in the USHCN and the creation of a new network in 2003. Over 90% of temperature stations failed the NRDC’s own standards for siting them away from urban or environmental factors that create a false heat bias.

What now makes the US-component of the supposed ‘raw’ temperature data suspect came with unexplainable changes to ‘raw’ temp data between 2007 and 2009. The Internet was the undoing of this attempt at invisible data manipulation by NASA/GISS/NOAA/GHCN. It was caught by comparing the snapshots of raw data and surveys built out at the site in 2007 with the current online data. While looking at an example of one of the few properly sited ground temperature stations in Orland, CA, that station showed how- amazingly!- the temps showed a decline from it’s start in 1880 to the present:

It was very interesting that the recent decade was NOT the warmest- it was back in the pre-1900’s. But even if you dumped that data segment as possibly corrupted, the next hottest temps in the 20th century were in the 1930’s, particularly 1934 that NASA had to be embarrassed into correcting itself after being audited by private statistican Steven McIntyre– not 1998! While anecdotal, this is in the continental US and a point worth following up on at other temp recording stations. This strongly undermines Gore and company’s predicted climate doom since the warm summer of 1998 was not the peak high of the 20th Century. This (1998 temp) was previously the Global Warming alarmist gold standard proof of man-made influence since they said it was an UNPRECEDENTED warming year and occurred only recently. With 1934 as the peak year and the 1930’s the peak warm decade, the case for human-driven CO2 emissions strongly influencing temps looked doubtful.

The site also had an active link to the current GISS source. Since the graphic from 2007 was smaller, I clicked on the link to see the actual Government tax-dollar financed data in an expanded view, but got this instead! 

Not only does this have the warmest data clipped off of it, it changes the ‘raw’ data to re-establish 1998 as the warmest temp and depresses the whole first half by a significant factor. Seems to be that ‘raw’ data is no longer raw and is re-made into something fitting the political climate alarmist template. The raw temps in any of the stations are now suspect and several that were snapshotted in 2007 show this blantant manipulation- always in a conforming Warmist direction.

When will the manipulation by those with political, financial or professional environmental interests stop? Virtually none of our climate data we have now can be trusted. Who has changed what? Where is the objective raw data? We certainly are NOT at a point where we should jump off the green cliff to ‘save’ the planet by going back to a 3rd world standard of living.

Here’s other research (video) on how the GHCN climate record of ground temps is no longer trustable: Global Warming: The Other Side

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The Sudden Decline of Global Warming Alarmism

In following a link in an environmental article to its source, I found myself perusing the Environmental section of the British newspaper, The Guardian. What are they the guardian of? As anyone who is honest will tell you, the flawed theories of the Left, Socialism, and Collectivism fit to print. Think of it as the New York Times of the UK.

But what were the truthful clarion-calls of climate alarm and righteous environmental declarations being made there? If all the recent turmoil of false climate science are the work of (predictably) the stooges of Big Oil and other Earth-rapers, they should still be trumpeting the Green Truth, right?

Here’s what I found listed:

Phil Jones admits loss of weather data was ‘not acceptable’

Another nail in the coffin that was Jones’ activist career and the failed theory of Global Warming. He admits that more key source/raw data underlying key ‘studies’ that helped create today’s climate hype and alarmism are missing! The dog ate my raw data, teacher! Really!

BA yet to gain official approval for biojet fuel from food scraps

Synopsis: “East London factory could create up to 1,200 jobs and produce 16m gallons of green fuel a year.”

If only I could put a money-bet on this, I could become rich! I would put almost any amount of money on the bet that:
1. The factory will likely never come into existence or close shortly after it’s government subsidies run out.
2. There will be a long series of excuses and restatements as it creates 100 jobs in the UK, sets up 1000 jobs in China, and produces less than 1m gallons of questionable-quality fuel 3-5 years behind schedule.
3. The above will occur with massive government subsidies that will, in the end, create the fuel at something like 10x or more the cost of regular jet fuel.
4. The ‘green math’ (think fuzzy math, but REALLY out of focus) used will show to those that avoid reality that the project was a smashing success! The rest of us will grit our teeth and roll our eyes.

Cold weather kills off Florida wildlife

For all you ‘Deniers’, this was caused by Global Warming. Duh. It’s obvious that when earth-hating man warms the environment…it….ahh…gets colder…I guess. Next subject! Quick!

EU biofuels significantly harming food production in developing countries

More of the unintended consequences of man’s meddling with the eco-system. It hasn’t killed as many Africans as the unsubstantiated eco-attack on DDT has (an estimated 100+million since 1972– beating out all mass murderers and dictators of our times), but give it time! Nothing’s better than people suffering, starving, or dying needlessly for the greater glory of the environment!

Then in the ‘Green Living’ section of things to do or worry about if you have WAY too much time on your hands:

How to make your own (recycled/scrap paper) notebook

Is tofu bad for the environment?

Now these are the things that keep REAL eco-heroes awake at night and preparing for their next bit of green-terrorism or protesting. And you thought that Himalayan Glacier thing was life altering…

Amazingly, even the most entrenched bunkers of Global Warming alarmism are begrudgingly publishing articles that approach eco-blasphemy. I kid you not, these were in the 16Feb2010 edition of The Guardian! Like with Phil Jones, I suggest we put a humane suicide watch on all our high strung, but fragile friends in the Green Cult of Gaia.

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Another Massive Failure of Climate Alarmist ‘Science’

This is how ‘settled’ the ‘science’ is when the IPCC is involved: “Glacier’s are melting! Alarm! Especially the big ones in the Himalayas! We heard it from a guy who telephoned another guy who made up a speculative response on the fly.”

Now THAT my friends, is good, settled science from the IPCC, a political entity pretending to be a scientific one.

When this shoddy and flimsy claim was actually scrutinized, the comment was admitted to be without any formal research and was based on only part of the Himalayan glaciers, not the whole massif.

Yet, amazingly, this became the primary source (you know, in the authoritative IPCC report on Climate Change) of the outrageous claim that not only would all the Himalayan glaciers be possibly gone by 2035, but it was of a 90%+ surety:

When finally published, the IPCC report did give its source as the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) study but went further, suggesting the likelihood of the glaciers melting was “very high”. The IPCC defines this as having a probability of greater than 90%.

The report read: “Glaciers in the Himalaya are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the Earth keeps warming at the current rate.”  (article source).

It’s also an interesting coincidence that this is exactly the same ‘surety’ that underlies the overall (and political) claim by the IPCC that man is the primary cause of global warming, even though it ceased 10+ years ago. How long, and with how many failures like this will we have to endure before this biased, political entity is denounced as a fraud?!

My god, this is the basis for radical, economy-devastating legislation being foisted on us like Cap and Trade, the recent bogus EPA ‘endangerment’ finding on CO2, and the reason billions have been wasted on ‘green’ boon-doggles like Cash for Clunkers? What kind of people have we put our country in the hands of?

Virtually everyone pushing anything ‘environmental’ in our Government should be fired. Then a complete top-to-bottom legal review should be done to sue for a return of our wasted tax dollars. What an Orwellian joke Obama and his administration are in their claim that they will make a false ‘green economy’ (that will create jobs!) and ‘restore science to its rightful place.’ What a mockery of reality and rationality!! Everything they do or say is the exact opposite of its actual outcome or reality.

The poetic justice of reality slamming and disproving these Collectivist/Leftist fancies is only exceeded by finding the quote noted above in the New Scientist, the publication that carried the bogus claim of glacier melting alarmism in the first place (dated 20Jan2009):

So, the 44th president of the United States has spoken. And what he said will please many supporters of science. Likewise, without explicitly mentioning the environment, president Barack Obama made it clear in his inaugural address today that the US needs to tackle global warming and switch to renewable sources of energy.

But the nod to open science will be most welcome, given the political and ideological interference of his predecessor, who obstructed stem cell research and only grudgingly accepted that humans are driving climate change.

“We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost,” said Obama. (article source).

I am finding it hard to heap enough disdain on this naïve rookie of a politician. He would have never been elected President if the electorate was required to cite any credible past national political leadership experience or exercise any critical thinking in examining his qualifications to hold this office. This blog noted that lack of credentials and his record of far Leftism in its very first post. I have to say I am not really happy to prophetically right on this topic given the price our country is having to pay.

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Climategate Does Call the Global Warming Theory Into Question!

In the desperate casting around for any good face that could be put on the Climategate revelations, the weak message has become that ‘those scientists have behaved poorly, but that does not disprove global warming or the ‘science’ behind it.’

In fact, the revelations that the key players in the global warming hype have ‘lost’ the objective, critical/original data, and now only have their ‘adjusted’/‘homogenized’ data left to back their theories, is a key and damning point on the flawed theory of global warming.

While this will require a complete reassessment of the tiny temperature record that we have (approximately 150 years of 4-5 billion years), it does not address the assertion by climate alarmists that global warming has not been disproven by the CRU set of emails.

The scientific (not political) facts appear to indicate otherwise. If all we have is ‘adjusted’ data from unethical, biased, and politically/financially influenced scientists to work from, how do we know if the adjustments are even remotely accurate? Of course, we don’t. It is absolutely critical to have the unbiased, raw data for the Scientific Method to work. Since we have people advocating/proposing legislation for ‘green’ global governance, taxation, and radical lifestyle adustments based on this ‘science’, the stakes are the highest they could possibly be!

Here is one example of blatant bias that politically funded environmental (junk) science has produced and been touted as God’s truth for radical ‘green’ reordering of our lives:

IPCC Annual Report #4 assertion for alarmist trends in Northern Australia:


Northern Australia is heading for climate Armageddon! Right?

But wait, here’s the raw data without the ‘adjustments’:

That’s, funny. When we get an objective temperature data set, the ‘warming’ is gone! This can’t be right! Can it? But it is.

Here is the inexplicable warming temperature ‘adjustments’ done by our sterling ethical and unbiased environmental scientists (red) plotted with the actual raw temperatures (blue):


Read the full story of the blatant bias between the raw data and the ‘adjusted’ data: “The Smoking Gun at Darwin Zero”

It is worth your time, in this short explanation, to see the ‘cooking of the temperature books’ that is going on with today’s junk science around climate.

This is why we need lobby our Congressmen to vote NO to any of these radical climate tax schemes for a problem that does not exist.

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More Green Jobs Outsourced to China

Remember when we were assured by the President and all those ‘smart’ people in the ‘green’ industry that, while their products may be more expensive, they could not be outsourced?

Anyone with common sense (aka wisdom) and business sense vs. ‘green smarts’ looked at this statement and asked: ‘Why not? It’s just another industry.’ And, as wisdom shows, here we are with another instance (previous green job outsourcing example) of green job outsourcing:

“Solar power is a key component of our clean energy future,” said Gov. Deval Patrick this summer, announcing a plan to install large-scale solar photovoltaic power installations throughout the commonwealth.

Just a few weeks later, the governor helped cut the ribbon at the opening of Evergreen Solar’s new plant in Devens, built with $58 million in state funds.

But half a year later the forecast for solar’s future – not to mention the governor’s other green initiatives – is looking cloudy with an increasing chance of failure.

Earlier this month, Evergreen Solar shocked everyone by announcing it is cutting up to half of the 800 jobs at the brand-new, taxpayer-bought Devens plant and shipping them to China. Solar panel materials will still be manufactured in Massachusetts (at least for now), but they will be assembled in a locale with much cheaper costs.

This is not to be confused with the issue of ‘green’ industry being unable to survive without unearned taxpayer dollars/government spending:

This shock came on the heels of Boston Power Inc. canceling plans to build a 600-job factory in Auburn. It had failed to win a $100 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop advanced battery technology. No government cash, no manufacturing plant and no jobs.

Instead of touting a green energy future, Beacon Hill’s mandarins should recognize that their emphasis on renewable energy technology and production will only hurt the Massachusetts economy further.

Solar power is hardly economical in the sun-drenched Mojave desert. So what makes the governor think it makes sense in the Northeast?

As well don’t confuse this with the uncompetitive price either:

Massachusetts’ retail electricity rates are 57 percent higher than the national average and more than in every state except Hawaii, Connecticut and New York. Yet Patrick and his allies would have ratepayers pay even higher prices, since renewables are considerably more expensive than the conventional sources that now power the bulk of the state’s economy.

There are a lot of real benefits to going ‘green’ with energy- its just that no one can figure them out other than politicians unanchored to economic realty.

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Environmental Utopia!

I’ve heard a myriad of great earth saving ideas from many passionate, well meaning environmentalists out there today. It struck me that if I were to put all of these great ideas together, we would see the wonderful, cheap, and sustainable outcome of the Eco-Utopia we are marching toward at Copenhagen next month! C’mon, let’s outline the benefits:

No power except wind or solar. No power grid- grids need stable sources of energy to work. So, we’ll no longer have those pesky computers, refrigerators, or pointless TV’s. When the wind blows or sun shines, you may get some limited electricity locally for lights. Unless you have wind, lights will only be available during the day. Batteries require more energy to manufacture than they are worth and contain toxic chemicals, friend! Learn to get your work done during the day and synchronize yourself with mother earth’s rhythms.

No meat. Meat animals take way too much land, bio-matter to eat and water to live to adulthood to be slaughtered for our heinous consumption. Just ask PETA. Prepare to embrace vegi-steaks and tofurkey (made of tofu grown on a collective farm).

No flatulence. Cows and most humans will need to be eliminated to save the atmosphere from ultra-damaging Methane. Humans also exhale CO2, so eliminate most of them on that basis, too. It also doesn’t matter that 95% or more of CO2 comes from natural sources. We have to do our part!
Cows are also meat, so they are also eliminated under the ‘no meat’ category above.

No chemicals or bio engineering of foodstuffs. So no fertilizers or high-yield, disease-resistant crops. This will also stop the corruption of our genetic purity. It doesn’t matter if this is unproven and only has the effect of getting more people fed. Franken-food must be eliminated! This will also cull the super-sized human herd. Hail Gaia!

No daily showers. This is too wasteful of Gaia’s precious fluids! Drink water if you must. The rest is for display purposes only.

No petroleum-based products. So if you stink from not washing, go to your earth garden and rub some mint on yourself. Live in a climate with winter? Suck it up and stink ‘til Spring. This also eliminates most household items. Women: you are liberated! You no longer have worry about trying to clean a house! Dirt and germs are now your friends! They will also help eliminate the disease of humanity more rapidly now, thank goodness!

No AC in summer. Hopefully like in Europe, we’ll get a heat wave that will eliminate ten of thousands of you old people that are past your ‘useful’ date. Note to everyone else: don’t get old.

Little or no heat in winter. What do you think you are going to destroy or burn of mother Gaia’s to warm your earth-raping body? Certainly nothing that will get you up to the 65-70 degrees you wastefully use today! Don’t even THINK about going out to cut down living trees for wood to burn once you lose gas, oil and electric feeds! The Government knows best. Please don’t complain and try to freeze to death with a little dignity.

No plastics. Milk will need to come in other containers like glass. Wait! How will we manufacture the glass in the first place? Forget any containers. You will just need to milk the cow directly if you want milk. Wait, I forgot! Cows are meat and flatulent! Forget milk and most any other container, device, or object in your house. Don’t even DARE think about replacing plastic with wood, earth-raper! Just do without. It’s environmental purity.

No cars. Certainly no gas powered ones. But wait! Where will the electricity come from for battery operated cars? But wait again- how will be manufacture or ship batteries full of toxic and dangerous chemicals? Cancel cars. Cancel horses, too. They are meat and flatulent like cows. Just walk you lazy scum.

So we will be cold, stinky/unwashed wretches lacking any stable power supply, starving for lack of enough food for all. We’ll be stuck where ever we are living due a lack of any means of transportation. We’ll suffer greatly from the weather and die early from simple ailments and diseases.

Hey, no one said getting to Eco-Utopia would be easy! We will all have to make a few changes in our lifestyle and expectations. Get on board and reap all of these tremendous, earth-saving benefits. Please join me in a rousing chant to mother earth: “Hail Gaia, she must be untouched. Hail, hail Gaia, she’s the one for us…”

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Sacred Green Jobs Can’t be Outsourced- Not So!

Jobs that are ‘Green’ are paid for and resourced just like any other job in a free market economy. If a competing entity, even foreign, can create and produce a like quality product for less cost, they will win business in a rational, free market system. Period. Here’s what’s already happening with the overly-expensive, subsidized, and unsustainable ‘green’ economy Obama and Democrats are so eager to foist on us:

Buy American Products of Suspect Value

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer on Monday called for a “comprehensive” review of all renewable energy projects seeking funding from the economic stimulus package, following reports that $849 million in U.S. grants have gone to foreign wind companies in the past two months alone.   

The New York Democrat first intervened last week, writing a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu urging him to deny stimulus funding to a Texas wind farm that would rely on wind turbines made in China. The $1.5 billion project would create up to 3,000 jobs in China but according to one report only 330 jobs in the United States, most of which would be temporary. Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto told that the senator is calling for a review of “all pending green energy projects” seeking stimulus funds to ensure they create jobs in the United States.  Schumer said in a statement Monday that the United States should not be giving China a “head start” in the quest for alternative sources of energy.   

“Our domestic clean-energy sector has the potential to emerge as a global leader and it is counterproductive to invest U.S. stimulus funds in Chinese companies rather than our own,” Schumer said.  

I’ll give credit to Democrat Schumer for weighing in on this after the fact, but its the typical leftist good-intentions-but-clueless-economically/anti-business blindness that sets the stage for these continuing economic disaster-situations (Liberals driving sub-prime mortgages come to mind). These always occur when the government meddles in and creates artificial distortions in markets that would not occur if they were driven by natural, free-market forces.

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Obamanomics for Michigan

The States have been called ‘laboratories’of Democracy as different political/governmental ideas and theories are tried out and the objective outcomes observed by all of America.  President Obama recently praised Governor Granholm of Michigan as one of our ‘best’ governors in the country. Excellent statement! Let’s analyze it.

Granholm is a Canadian-born leftist that has been pushing more Liberal/Democrat ideas of Socialism and environmentalism than almost any other governor than, say, California. So clearly, Obama is praising her as someone who is most closely aligned and implementing the type of collectivist and environmental ideas he thinks will ‘work’ for our country.

Has this worked? Well, outside of the labor union-destroyed auto industry and an unemployment rate of 15%+, the verdict on this new initiative is still out. But what Granholm has done is a classic collectivist blunder that will devastate the economy further by 2020 or sooner. She has mandated that 45% of Michigan’s power come from expensive and unreliable renewable resources by 2020 to replace cheap and reliable energy sources like coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Then, with her blessing, the Democrat party chair has put a proposal on the 2010 ballot to require utilities to lower their prices by 20%!!

Incredible! Since the laws of economics and human nature run contrary to Leftist political fantasy, they will mandate/dictate it to happen. Apparently, the only thing stopping the Green Revolution from happening was someone with the courage to SAY it needs to happen. Now, there will be no issue with the fact that highly expensive and unreliable ‘green’ sources of energy cost the utility 2x, 3x, 10x or more to produce the same amount of energy. Then, they will be FORCED to charge 20% less than today’s cheaper ‘earth raping’ energy rates. And somehow, the utilities won’t go bankrupt, cause rolling black outs via rationing , and the business economy will leap ahead with energy that costs 2x to 10x more than before!

Poor Michigan. How much of their economy has to be destroyed before they throw out these collectivist/socialist loons and their objectively unworkable ideas? Being smaller, States get to the objective negative outcomes of flawed ideas sooner and act as an example for the rest of us. First it was California collapsing under Democrat collectivism. Now we see the same outcome shaping up in Michigan.

Stayed tuned America, this is more morbidly fascinating than reality TV and much more instructive!

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