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You Get What You Vote For

Amazingly, a majority of Americans have voted for more of the same approach we’ve had the last four years- crony capitalism, an undermining of laws that Liberals don’t like, a crippled economy, increased government dependence, higher energy prices, dismantled restrictions on immigration…just to name a few.

A few of the big impacts of this election for the next four years:

The Economy: A second recession and increasing taxes.

Why: 52% thought we were on the wrong track economically, yet they voted again for an academic with no business experience and a 4 year record of anti-business influence that has weighed the not-so-free market down. Now Obama can really squeeze the hated corporate world for all the money he thinks they ‘owe’. Why would any business take a risk to expand (and therefore create jobs) in this environment?

Energy: Skyrocketing energy prices.

Why: We’ll get no cheap, domestic energy via our close and stable neighbor to the North via the Keystone Pipeline because it’s hated Black/Brown energy, not Green. Expect skyrocketing energy costs while we pretend that it can viably come from politically correct ‘Green sources’ that we’ve dumped billions into and have nothing to show for it. America is an energy-intensive society that needs cheap energy to grow. People cannot fill their gas tank today with political promises of Green energy sometime in the future.

International Events: An increase in international conflict, unrest, and danger.

Why: America did not lead the world in going back to its founding principles of individual freedoms and liberties. We’ve signaled the world that we will continue to ‘smoke collectivism’ and experiment with its negative economic and social outcomes. Europe will continue to double down on their collectivism (hey- America’s doing it, too duuude!). We’ve also signaled the world’s dictators that we will stay with a weak/reluctant leader on the international stage and they can expect no danger of any military action from the US. Iran can go nuclear, China can invade Taiwan, the Taliban can thrive in the Middle East.

Government Healthcare: Massive increases in cost and disruptions as Obamacare goes into effect.

Why: The government will attempt to do what it can’t afford to: use a non-free market, collectivist model to try to pay for everyone’s healthcare. Expect to lose your current healthcare as your employer jettison’s you to cut this cost. Hope you don’t get really sick before the rationing begins or die before your wait time for treatment is up. The only consolation here: Baby Boomers who like this broken model will grow old and get expensively sick with a government board of bureaucrats deciding if they cost too much to treat vs. the individual having that choice. The downside: they’ll have some years to drain the rest of our economy with the unsustainable costs and then leave the rest of us with the bill.

The new environment for 2013: The House is the same, the Senate is the same and now, the President is the same, but this time he has no re-election checks on him.

Now we’ll have 4 more years of a conflicted struggle to stop an Obama-led lurch towards a collectivist country instead of one founded on dynamic individualism that would lead us back to prosperity for all.

Let the damage begin.


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