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Climategate Does Call the Global Warming Theory Into Question!

In the desperate casting around for any good face that could be put on the Climategate revelations, the weak message has become that ‘those scientists have behaved poorly, but that does not disprove global warming or the ‘science’ behind it.’

In fact, the revelations that the key players in the global warming hype have ‘lost’ the objective, critical/original data, and now only have their ‘adjusted’/‘homogenized’ data left to back their theories, is a key and damning point on the flawed theory of global warming.

While this will require a complete reassessment of the tiny temperature record that we have (approximately 150 years of 4-5 billion years), it does not address the assertion by climate alarmists that global warming has not been disproven by the CRU set of emails.

The scientific (not political) facts appear to indicate otherwise. If all we have is ‘adjusted’ data from unethical, biased, and politically/financially influenced scientists to work from, how do we know if the adjustments are even remotely accurate? Of course, we don’t. It is absolutely critical to have the unbiased, raw data for the Scientific Method to work. Since we have people advocating/proposing legislation for ‘green’ global governance, taxation, and radical lifestyle adustments based on this ‘science’, the stakes are the highest they could possibly be!

Here is one example of blatant bias that politically funded environmental (junk) science has produced and been touted as God’s truth for radical ‘green’ reordering of our lives:

IPCC Annual Report #4 assertion for alarmist trends in Northern Australia:


Northern Australia is heading for climate Armageddon! Right?

But wait, here’s the raw data without the ‘adjustments’:

That’s, funny. When we get an objective temperature data set, the ‘warming’ is gone! This can’t be right! Can it? But it is.

Here is the inexplicable warming temperature ‘adjustments’ done by our sterling ethical and unbiased environmental scientists (red) plotted with the actual raw temperatures (blue):


Read the full story of the blatant bias between the raw data and the ‘adjusted’ data: “The Smoking Gun at Darwin Zero”

It is worth your time, in this short explanation, to see the ‘cooking of the temperature books’ that is going on with today’s junk science around climate.

This is why we need lobby our Congressmen to vote NO to any of these radical climate tax schemes for a problem that does not exist.


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