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Bryan St. James is a citizen, soldier/veteran, husband, father, businessman, and philosopher residing in Minnesota in the United States.

Bryan is also a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY with a major in environmental science and a minor in computer science.

After watching a cultural and intellectual decline in our society, Bryan has decided to act as an agent of change. 

As a philosopher, his main influences are Psychological Egoism and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism.  This Blog is for day-to-day commentary on issues and is an application of this rational philosophy and world view.

I find a great articulation of my purpose in writing and blogging from this article snippet in the American Spectator :

As Tocqueville discerned in Democracy In America, a human being who fails to practice these fundamental habits, especially the key virtue of practical wisdom, will gradually lose the ability to sustain basic human qualities and sentiments. Lacking the habit of making prudent decisions every day about one’s well-being and learning to accept the consequences of those decisions, one becomes a victim of necessity, passively serving unaccountable rulers who take it on themselves to define and satisfy the victims’ needs, desires, and pleasures.

The above defines precisely the issue that America struggles with today: those who believe that the trading of our liberties, freedoms, and self sufficiency can give them the chimerical dream of a ‘risk-free’ life defined by some other set of people or government. I do not want to be ruled. America was founded on living the exact opposite way- a life of freedom and individual liberties.

I hope to educate people on these American ideas and values of freedom through my blogging and writing on this and other websites. If you have the time, take 10 minutes to understand what we have enjoyed until recently (a Republican form of government) and what we are sliding towards (an Oligarchy) like the Romans of the past: 

The American Form of Government

Enjoy and live free!


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