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Reason #3 Why the Teacher’s Unions are Wrong

The WI bill is NOT about first responders. They are excluded.

The WI bill is NOT about all union collective bargaining, but instead targets the largest of the unsustainable financial liabilities for states- a problem specifically created by unions: Healthcare benefit plans/insurance/subsidies and Pension plans. Wage bargaining is not touched.

None of the above has gotten in the way of union representatives misrepresenting these facts in on-the-record statements as they demagogue unionized protesters and lie to the state of WI. They have an unaccountable and persvasive power they want to keep. It does not matter if what they do causes long term harm to education, the state, and is financially unsustainable.

Unions have no place in a free market and free country like the US.


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Reason #2 Why the Teacher’s Union is Wrong

It’s not about teachers, it’s about unions. What’s at stake is their power to take money and exercise conflict-of-interest political clout for the Democrat party.

Here’s an interesting excerpt on why government worker unions should be illegal:

Traditional, private-sector unions were born out of an often-bloody adversarial relationship between labor and management. It’s been said that during World War I, U.S. soldiers had better odds of surviving on the front lines than miners did in West Virginia coal mines. Mine disasters were frequent; hazardous conditions were the norm. In 1907, the Monongah mine explosion claimed the lives of 362 West Virginia miners. Day-to-day life often resembled serfdom, with management controlling vast swaths of the miners’ lives. Before unionization and many New Deal–era reforms, Washington had little power to reform conditions by legislation.

Government unions have no such narrative on their side. Do you recall the Great DMV Cave-in of 1959? How about the travails of second-grade teachers recounted in Upton Sinclair’s famous schoolhouse sequel to The Jungle? No? Don’t feel bad, because no such horror stories exist.

Government workers were making good salaries in 1962 when President Kennedy lifted, by executive order (so much for democracy), the federal ban on government unions. Civil-service regulations and similar laws had guaranteed good working conditions for generations.

The argument for public unionization wasn’t moral, economic, or intellectual. It was rankly political.

More money appears to be spent on political activity than is spent on the very rank-and-file workers unions purport to support.

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Reason #1 Why the Teacher’s Unions are Wrong

The protesters do not resemble those seeking freedom in Egypt.

They most closely resemble the small, pro-despot (Mubarak) loyalists that seek to keep their unrealistic, government privileges that the majority does NOT enjoy.

The fact that the states are unable to pay for their unsustainable, centrally planned benefits and pensions? Not their problem, apparently.  They should instead send solidarity messages to Greece and it’s government ‘workers’ that collapsed that economy with rapacious and unsustainable government spending.

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Obama Gets Schooled

President Obama has run smack into the checks and balances that protect a democracy from tyrannical behavior by the government. The frightening thing is that the White House seems baffled by the ‘resistance’ that their actions have provoked.

The Political Myth: The President was going to merely exhort the youth of America to well in school. Those parents that don’t want their children to hear this speech are hyper-partisans and fringe lunatics.

The Facts: The President was not just doing a speech. The White House was originally going to send out ‘lesson plans’ through the US Education Department to our children. The Washington Times  actually covers what the government was trying to do before the Main Stream Media white-washed the coverage into the political myth-statement above:

Among the activities the government initially suggested for prekindergarten to sixth-grade students: that they “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.” Another task recommended for students immediately after listening to the speech: to engage in a discussion about what “the president wants us to do.”

Why in the heck would President of the United States be trying to give out lesson plans to our schools?! This is something you’d expect in a third world dictatorship. My children DO NOT need to thinking about what they can do for a far left socialist like Obama. They need to thinking about what they can do for THEMSELVES as far as reading, writing, and math. Other presidents have addressed school kids, but did not send them propaganda packets to fill out like Obama.

Besides the appearance of propagandizing America’s youth and disrupting the first day of school, the White House throws gas on this fire by trying to bypass our elected school boards and go straight to school principals! Unbelieveable. If you have nothing to hide, way the end-run around the elected education boards and processes in place for this sort of material? And they are baffled as to why parents are upset about this approach! Here’s a summary of this issue by the American Daughter Blog:

 Ignoring school superintendents, Obama wrote to school principals announcing his forthcoming speech to school children. This is a serious breach of protocol. All communications should be routed through the Superintendent of Schools for each district. 

Not only was this bad manners bigtime, it has implications for states’ rights and local rights that go far beyond the one event. School districts are overseen by a School Board, usually elected by the citizens of the district. Voters expect that board to ensure an education that reflects their values and goals for their children.

If you don’t believe the blog, go and Google the Dept of Education’s statement on this fiasco. Note that it is listed as going directly to principals:


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