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Triumph of the Unwise: The 2008 Presidential Election

After watching the 2008 presidential election, the old adage of wisdom comes to mind: “Beware of what you wish for, because you just might get it.” Never has the US entrusted such an important office with someone that we know so little about.


Many people I have talked with who are liberal politically and/or vote as a Democrat are giddy that we are electing our first ‘black’ president (he’s actually only part African-American). Others chime in that it is thrilling and inspiring to hear him speak. While these are all fine sentiments, what about experience in the area or job that a person is expected to fill and execute competently? It’s an inarguable fact that Barack Obama has not even completed one term in a national political position.


No matter how bright and/or articulate a person is, it is a surety that he or she will make rookie or naïve mistakes because they lack experience. If a person with only a couple years into their first business position and no management experience applied to be the CEO of the largest or most powerful company in the world, they would be laughed at. At the least, they would not be considered seriously and/or told to go garner some experience first.


Another inarguable fact is that, because of the lack of a track record, no one really knows how Obama will govern. The only objective fact we have about him is his thin voting record. Where does he fall? Obama has the most liberal voting record of ANY Senator in Congress as recorded by several non-partisan and Liberal/Conservative vote-rating groups. This puts him at the far end of the Leftist spectrum and out of the mainstream of American politics.


So, our President-elect severely lacks experience in national politics and has a history of far-Leftist and Socialist ideals. This is an enormous risk to take with the leadership and well-being of the United States in these current turbulent times.


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  1. Ivan Ivanovich says:

    “(he’s actually only part African-American).” It’s my understanding that OHB is half African (father) and half white-american (mother). It’s interesting that people would consider this Black especialy when he was brought up by white grandparents. He is certainly not an African-American, decended from slaves, as many American Blacks are in this country. Having been brought up myself amoung grandparents from Ireland, Scotland, and a pair from East Prussia, I embraced the culture of each. I wonder why those with various shades of dark skin do not refer to themselves as San-American, Berber-American, Bantu-American, or Zulu-American? Also, having grown up watching cowboy movies, I wondered how it was that American Indians came to be called redskins, especialy in the summer when my fair skin was always sunburned a deep shade of pink.

  2. Philosopher says:

    You are right- the first African-American moniker is another part of a propoganda-like myth that political supporters and the liberal press seem desperate to create.
    I haven’t had too many chances to correct people on this yet, but will continue to do so every time I hear it.

    I did some research on his background. His mother was Cherokee Indian, Irish, and Scottish (mostly the latter two, I believe). So if only a part of your ethnic background can constitute a whole, then he is our first Native American president, or maybe our first Scottish one? Ha. Tell all your family and friends of their obscured, but shared heritage with their new President!

  3. […] to hold this office. This blog noted that lack of credentials and his record of far Leftism in its very first post. I have to say I am not really happy to prophetically right on this topic given the price our […]

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