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Obama and Democrats Push False Choice on Health Care Reform

The DNC is launching an ad campaign to blast critics of Obama’s health care plan.

The Democrat/Obama/Leftist formula is that there are only two choices: Inaction/status quo or the Obama-Democrat ‘plan’ of action for health care.

This is a completely false-choice argument. It’s built on a series of Leftist myths:

Obama-Dem Myth1: There is only one possible solution for Health Care. The one solution is Obama’s government run health care ‘plan’.

Objective Fact1: There are MULTIPLE solutions for reform. Only one has a proven, historical success story- The Free Market. One ‘solution’ has a proven, historical failure outcome- collectivized health care.

Obama-Dem Myth2: This ‘crisis/catastrophe/disaster’ is so imminent and dangerous for America that we need to pass a 1000+ page piece of legislation right now and worry about what it says and how it impacts our society later.

Objective Fact2: It borders on criminal neglect on the part of the President and Congress to try to ram through legislation of radical and major change that no normal human has had enough time to read, let alone digest the content of. The only possible reason for this approach is the reality that if people get enough time to understand the content of the collectivized ‘plan’, they will not support it. This is also an approach of tyranny and disrespect for the democratic political process.

Obama-Dem Myth3: Republicans only want to stop the President’s ‘compassionate plan’ because they want to personally ‘break’ the President and don’t care about creating reform.

Objective Fact3: What Obama and the Democrats want to suppress is the discussion of, or exposure to, any of the Republican free market solutions  that have worked in every other part of our economy in the past and will work again if implemented.


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What You Have to Look Forward to with Universal Health Care

Universal health care is pushed as the humane alternative to our mean-spirited and overly expensive US health care system. As is ususal with Leftist fare, it is a ‘good intentioned’ idea with the worst possible mechanism to implement it. The unfortunate truth is that universal health care is not what its misty-eyed propopents hope it will be if implemented here- or anywhere.

 As Sally C. Pipes notes in her book, “The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care“, socialized healthcare has already had major failings in several countries where it’s been implemented:

Canada’s waiting lists are legendary — over 800,000 Canadians are on lists for surgery and other necessary treatments. The average wait between a referral from a primary care doctor and treatment by a specialist is 18 weeks. “That’s almost double what doctors consider clinically reasonable,” Pipes points out.

In other socialized systems, things aren’t any better. “Sweden’s waiting lists have led some patients to visit veterinarians,” reveals Pipes.

Is this what we want in our country?! I’ve lived under this type of ‘healthcare’ and can’t stress enough how bad it was.

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