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The Media Unleashes Its Anti-Semitic Bias on Israel- Again

The headline title in the Minneapolis Star Tribune this past Sunday was “Israel Unleashes Firestorm on Gaza.” The bias inherent in this title is simply mind-boggling.


The objective scenario: A brutal group of militants in one state declare that the entire people in a nearby stable and prosperous democratic state do not have the right to exist and vow to kill them all. This is the definition of Genocide- international war crime number one.


They (the brutal militants) fire high-explosive missiles in unprovoked attacks, year after year, to indiscriminately kill civilians in the other state- international war crime number two.


They (the brutal militants) hide amongst innocent civilians of their own people to make these military attacks- war crime number three.


Then when the attacked victim state finally, after years of withdrawals and attempts to negotiate, attack in force to kill their attackers, they are wrongly labeled as the aggressors and killers of the other state’s civilians.


A media outlet publishing the above headline and large photos showing nothing but injured Palestinians blatantly distorts the reality of the situation, shows a profound morally confusion, and a lack of American values.


The Hamas militants got exactly what they had coming. They are primitive cowards and properly designated as terrorists. The Palestinians should be turning their wrath on Hamas for using them as human shields.


The largest paper in Minnesota should be embarrassed by running this article. But then again, The New York Times contributed/provided some or all of the article content, so we should not be surprised at the anti-semetic bias and moral confusion.


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Automotive Bailout

So now the President has overridden the collective wisdom of Congress and is sending even more of our tax dollars ($17B) to the Big 3 automakers.


The big question, though, is will it work?

The short answer: No it won’t.


Why? 2 reasons:

  1. The biggest root cause is not being addressed- Unions and their legacy costs. The 21 December 2008 issue of Mpls Star Tribune cited in an analysis article that companies like GM are “…persuading [it’s] debt holders to accept stock and getting union wages more in line with those paid by foreign brands in the United States.” The only problem is that most of the additional cost-per-vehicle that unions saddle the automakers with is in the form or healthcare costs, mandatory buyouts for workers on any plant closings, and retiree benefits. As long as those unsustainable and unrealistic costs and constraints remain, the automakers will fail.
  2. A socialist, command-economy approach to ‘restructuring’. Between Congress and media pundits, the automakers are being told that the road to ‘prosperity’ is through small, fuel-efficient cars and environmental hybrids and more radical straight-electric cars. The problem is, these are politically-correct directives that bear no tie to economic realties. These types of vehicles are low profit margin for small vehicles, slow selling for hybrids because of their price tag, and completely market-unproven for the short-range straight-electric cars.


Given the above strategy, we will have wasted $17 billion of our tax dollars and at least 2 of the Big 3 Automakers will go into bankruptcy. In the end, this the only way for them to shed the strangling unions and let the market work it’s creative destruction on the Big 3’s rigid, uncompetitive culture and management practices.

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