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A Call for Justice against Govt Perpetrators of Climate Fraud

Viscount Monckton on Climategate: ‘They Are Criminals’ (PJM Exclusive)

The man who challenged Al Gore to a debate is furious about the current explosion of taxpayer-funded climate fraud by governments— and says why you should be, too.

Read what this real leader and climate hero has to say on all of the junk-science and fraud being done at our expense:


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US Government Agencies Manipulate Raw Temperature Data to Hide Decline

This is one of the most definitive smoking guns I have seen of government corruption and collusion in creating a climate crisis that doesn’t exist! The US raw ground temperature data used to support any statement of the climate trends and, therefore, political decisions are no longer credible or trusted. They have been manipulated in what can only be described as an Orwellian manner.

In the UK Climate Research Unit (CRU) ClimateGate incident, much of the raw data behind their temperature record was revealed as ‘missing’. All they had was manipulated data that no one could validate as accurate. Not to worry, the CRU defenders said. They are only 1 of 3 major global temp datasets used to ‘prove’ Global Warming. Anthony Watts of the Watts Up With That? blog explains:

There are three main global temperature datasets. One is at the CRU, Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, where we’ve been trying to get access to the raw numbers. One is at NOAA/GHCN, the Global Historical Climate Network. The final one is at NASA/GISS, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The three groups take raw data, and they “homogenize” it to remove things like when a station was moved to a warmer location and there’s a 2C jump in the temperature. The three global temperature records are usually called CRU, GISS, and GHCN. Both GISS and CRU, however, get almost all of their raw data from GHCN. All three produce very similar global historical temperature records from the raw data. (Source)

When Anthony Watts stumbled across issues in the shoddy network of ground temperature stations in the US in 2007, he started an independent review with a site called The scrutiny and embarrassment to the US governing body (National Climatic Data Center) overseeing this critical network of raw climate data led to admissions of poor quality in the USHCN and the creation of a new network in 2003. Over 90% of temperature stations failed the NRDC’s own standards for siting them away from urban or environmental factors that create a false heat bias.

What now makes the US-component of the supposed ‘raw’ temperature data suspect came with unexplainable changes to ‘raw’ temp data between 2007 and 2009. The Internet was the undoing of this attempt at invisible data manipulation by NASA/GISS/NOAA/GHCN. It was caught by comparing the snapshots of raw data and surveys built out at the site in 2007 with the current online data. While looking at an example of one of the few properly sited ground temperature stations in Orland, CA, that station showed how- amazingly!- the temps showed a decline from it’s start in 1880 to the present:

It was very interesting that the recent decade was NOT the warmest- it was back in the pre-1900’s. But even if you dumped that data segment as possibly corrupted, the next hottest temps in the 20th century were in the 1930’s, particularly 1934 that NASA had to be embarrassed into correcting itself after being audited by private statistican Steven McIntyre– not 1998! While anecdotal, this is in the continental US and a point worth following up on at other temp recording stations. This strongly undermines Gore and company’s predicted climate doom since the warm summer of 1998 was not the peak high of the 20th Century. This (1998 temp) was previously the Global Warming alarmist gold standard proof of man-made influence since they said it was an UNPRECEDENTED warming year and occurred only recently. With 1934 as the peak year and the 1930’s the peak warm decade, the case for human-driven CO2 emissions strongly influencing temps looked doubtful.

The site also had an active link to the current GISS source. Since the graphic from 2007 was smaller, I clicked on the link to see the actual Government tax-dollar financed data in an expanded view, but got this instead! 

Not only does this have the warmest data clipped off of it, it changes the ‘raw’ data to re-establish 1998 as the warmest temp and depresses the whole first half by a significant factor. Seems to be that ‘raw’ data is no longer raw and is re-made into something fitting the political climate alarmist template. The raw temps in any of the stations are now suspect and several that were snapshotted in 2007 show this blantant manipulation- always in a conforming Warmist direction.

When will the manipulation by those with political, financial or professional environmental interests stop? Virtually none of our climate data we have now can be trusted. Who has changed what? Where is the objective raw data? We certainly are NOT at a point where we should jump off the green cliff to ‘save’ the planet by going back to a 3rd world standard of living.

Here’s other research (video) on how the GHCN climate record of ground temps is no longer trustable: Global Warming: The Other Side

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The Sudden Decline of Global Warming Alarmism

In following a link in an environmental article to its source, I found myself perusing the Environmental section of the British newspaper, The Guardian. What are they the guardian of? As anyone who is honest will tell you, the flawed theories of the Left, Socialism, and Collectivism fit to print. Think of it as the New York Times of the UK.

But what were the truthful clarion-calls of climate alarm and righteous environmental declarations being made there? If all the recent turmoil of false climate science are the work of (predictably) the stooges of Big Oil and other Earth-rapers, they should still be trumpeting the Green Truth, right?

Here’s what I found listed:

Phil Jones admits loss of weather data was ‘not acceptable’

Another nail in the coffin that was Jones’ activist career and the failed theory of Global Warming. He admits that more key source/raw data underlying key ‘studies’ that helped create today’s climate hype and alarmism are missing! The dog ate my raw data, teacher! Really!

BA yet to gain official approval for biojet fuel from food scraps

Synopsis: “East London factory could create up to 1,200 jobs and produce 16m gallons of green fuel a year.”

If only I could put a money-bet on this, I could become rich! I would put almost any amount of money on the bet that:
1. The factory will likely never come into existence or close shortly after it’s government subsidies run out.
2. There will be a long series of excuses and restatements as it creates 100 jobs in the UK, sets up 1000 jobs in China, and produces less than 1m gallons of questionable-quality fuel 3-5 years behind schedule.
3. The above will occur with massive government subsidies that will, in the end, create the fuel at something like 10x or more the cost of regular jet fuel.
4. The ‘green math’ (think fuzzy math, but REALLY out of focus) used will show to those that avoid reality that the project was a smashing success! The rest of us will grit our teeth and roll our eyes.

Cold weather kills off Florida wildlife

For all you ‘Deniers’, this was caused by Global Warming. Duh. It’s obvious that when earth-hating man warms the environment…it….ahh…gets colder…I guess. Next subject! Quick!

EU biofuels significantly harming food production in developing countries

More of the unintended consequences of man’s meddling with the eco-system. It hasn’t killed as many Africans as the unsubstantiated eco-attack on DDT has (an estimated 100+million since 1972– beating out all mass murderers and dictators of our times), but give it time! Nothing’s better than people suffering, starving, or dying needlessly for the greater glory of the environment!

Then in the ‘Green Living’ section of things to do or worry about if you have WAY too much time on your hands:

How to make your own (recycled/scrap paper) notebook

Is tofu bad for the environment?

Now these are the things that keep REAL eco-heroes awake at night and preparing for their next bit of green-terrorism or protesting. And you thought that Himalayan Glacier thing was life altering…

Amazingly, even the most entrenched bunkers of Global Warming alarmism are begrudgingly publishing articles that approach eco-blasphemy. I kid you not, these were in the 16Feb2010 edition of The Guardian! Like with Phil Jones, I suggest we put a humane suicide watch on all our high strung, but fragile friends in the Green Cult of Gaia.

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Common Sense Health Care Solutions

Here is an excellent YouTube articulation of my own postings on the simple solution for health care- the free market:

How to Fix Health Care: Lasik Surgery For The Medical Debate

Interestingly, Lasik eye surgery is not covered by insurance and is completely a free market offering. Over the last 18 years, it has gotten cheaper, the care around delivery is driven to be excellent to get customers, and the technology has gotten better.

Contrast this with the increasingly government-controlled or health ‘insurance’ distorted current health market. Prices are sprialing out of control and quality is falling.

Do we need to send one or more generations back to school to learn the basics of free market economics that drive the majority of the rest of our prosperity (food, clothing, shelter)?

At the base of it, there is a lack of understanding of human nature (read: lack of wisdom) and how the free market unleashes the most good for the most people by matching up with the reality of individual human nature.

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The Coming Economic Wages of Obama’s Collectivism

Obama’s rigid adherence to collectivist policies will have devastating effects on our economy. There are no jobs right now because of his assault on the free market concept in the form of threatened, super-expensive health care mandates, energy taxes (cap and trade), and further tax hikes on businesses by letting the Bush tax cuts expire. He is one of the most anti-business Presidents in the history of our country. Business owners will continue to sit on expansions and hiring until they have some idea what damage Obama and the Democrats are going to do to the marketplace they have to compete in. You cannot hate and attack the employer, but ‘love’ the employee. Newsflash to Obama and the Democrats: employers CREATE the jobs! Not you, the Government. Not from some magic place that just makes jobs ‘appear’.

Here’s a predictive outlook for an economic nosedive in 2011:  The Coming Crash of 2011

After reading and analyzing this article, I would put money on this outcome occurring unless the 2010 elections clean Democrats out of the House and Senate and Republicans (hopefully) put up an effect blocker to Obama\Reid\Pelosi collectivism.

Even then, it still might be too late to avoid much of the effects of multiple tax raises, nationalization/collectivization of our economy, and more deficit creation from our Roman emperor who just wants to spread bread and circuses to placate the masses (like when he was a community ‘organizer’).

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