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What You Have to Look Forward to with Universal Health Care

Universal health care is pushed as the humane alternative to our mean-spirited and overly expensive US health care system. As is ususal with Leftist fare, it is a ‘good intentioned’ idea with the worst possible mechanism to implement it. The unfortunate truth is that universal health care is not what its misty-eyed propopents hope it will be if implemented here- or anywhere.

 As Sally C. Pipes notes in her book, “The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care“, socialized healthcare has already had major failings in several countries where it’s been implemented:

Canada’s waiting lists are legendary — over 800,000 Canadians are on lists for surgery and other necessary treatments. The average wait between a referral from a primary care doctor and treatment by a specialist is 18 weeks. “That’s almost double what doctors consider clinically reasonable,” Pipes points out.

In other socialized systems, things aren’t any better. “Sweden’s waiting lists have led some patients to visit veterinarians,” reveals Pipes.

Is this what we want in our country?! I’ve lived under this type of ‘healthcare’ and can’t stress enough how bad it was.


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