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Note To The Young: Vote With Your Head- You Can’t Afford Not To!

In the 2008 Presidential election, 18-29 year olds voted for Barack Obama almost 2-1 and possibly gave him a good chunk of his margin of victory.

Time and again, I’ve heard that the reason young people voted for Obama was that he was ‘hip’, ‘cool’, a historical event (half African-American), and so on. Even though polling showed 18-29 year olds as having the economy as their main/top issue (61%), they seemed to vote on a more emotional basis for a blank-slate, inexperienced candidate that had not even completed one national-level term as a political leader and had no executive leadership or business experience.

Now fast forward almost an entire term in office to 2012 and 18-29 year olds are experiencing:

  • The unemployment rate among 18- to 29-year-olds is more than 12 percent
  • According to Gallup poll from this spring, 32 percent of 18- to 29-yearolds are underemployed—meaning either unemployed or working part-time but looking for full-time work
  • 77 percent of 18- to 29-yearolds either have or will delay a major life change or purchase due to economic factors. That includes 44 percent who will delay buying a home and 28 percent who say they’ll delay saving for retirement.
  • Nearly a quarter of young Americans say they will delay starting a family, and 18 percent will delay getting married because of the economy.
  • The Obama economy has given rise to ever more “boomerang kids” who must return home to live with Mom and Dad after graduating from college without a job.
  • Obamacare will draft/compel (whether you want to or not) young people into paying for full-scale healthcare to subsidize the costs of an aging Baby Boomer population bulge.
  • Obamacare will further hurt the job prospects of the young by destroying many low-margin businesses like restaurants (that employ younger workers) with thousands in additional/required healthcare costs.
  • Source: American Spectator article “Obama’s Hipster Hell

Romney many not have an ‘Obama girl’ pining for him, will not be on Letterman, hang with Hip Hop rappers, or ‘slow-jam’ the news. What he does have is actual business experience in is turning around failing companies and a broad business background, on top of executive leadership experience as a governor.

So to all our next generation of citizens/parents/business people that will inherit our world going forward: Please forget ‘cool’ and vote for actual change that will benefit you. Vote for Mitt Romney this November.


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The Coming Economic Wages of Obama’s Collectivism

Obama’s rigid adherence to collectivist policies will have devastating effects on our economy. There are no jobs right now because of his assault on the free market concept in the form of threatened, super-expensive health care mandates, energy taxes (cap and trade), and further tax hikes on businesses by letting the Bush tax cuts expire. He is one of the most anti-business Presidents in the history of our country. Business owners will continue to sit on expansions and hiring until they have some idea what damage Obama and the Democrats are going to do to the marketplace they have to compete in. You cannot hate and attack the employer, but ‘love’ the employee. Newsflash to Obama and the Democrats: employers CREATE the jobs! Not you, the Government. Not from some magic place that just makes jobs ‘appear’.

Here’s a predictive outlook for an economic nosedive in 2011:  The Coming Crash of 2011

After reading and analyzing this article, I would put money on this outcome occurring unless the 2010 elections clean Democrats out of the House and Senate and Republicans (hopefully) put up an effect blocker to Obama\Reid\Pelosi collectivism.

Even then, it still might be too late to avoid much of the effects of multiple tax raises, nationalization/collectivization of our economy, and more deficit creation from our Roman emperor who just wants to spread bread and circuses to placate the masses (like when he was a community ‘organizer’).

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Obama Still Lacks Wisdom to Solve the Country’s Problems

After the recent loss for Democrats in Massachusetts, the following response came out about Obama:

The official said Obama was furious with Democrat Martha Coakley for what many in Washington saw as inept handling of a once-sure victory for the seat long held by Kennedy. The president also, undoubtedly, was mad at himself.

He said as much in a first-year anniversary interview with ABC News, acknowledging that he had made a mistake in not making his aims clear to the American public — a failure he already had planned to correct but which now had become more imperative. (article source)

It’s hard not to mock the President after reading the above. He still thinks it’s the messaging that has caused his failure of results. That he has not been clear enough. It’s the content! His ideas don’t work! His aims have always been clear just like his most-leftist Congressional voting record: he is an old-school collectivist.

When will he and the other collectivist Democrats finally recognize that their ideas are bad? That collectivism in all its forms does not work? He is naive and completely lacking wisdom if he thinks loving the employee (as long as they don’t make too much) and hating the employer will create jobs! This is one of the most anti-business administrations in history. How deluded is he and his administration? Did radical mentor Saul Alinsky totally brainwash Obama?

Unless he abandons his leftist ideology, Obama will be a one-term president ranked in the bottom level with the likes of Jimmy Carter.

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Obama is a Slow Learner on Jobs

After passing a three quarters of a trillion ‘stimulus’ bill that hasn’t created (not ‘saved’) any jobs, Obama and his administration are trying the same thing again with another ‘stimulus’ plan to pour an additional $75 billion of our money down the drain.

Most wise people will tell you that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. We have, in fact, entered the realm of the delusional (also called Leftism/Collectivism/Socialism) with Obama, his administration, and most of the Democrat party.

The issue is reality. Reality is the objective state/truth about something , some situation, or the way it things actually work (not how we wish they would).

Analysis shows that states/regions that received the most government subsidizing of road building programs have ended up with the same unemployment rates as other states/regions? No problem! Try more of the same thing that didn’t work the first time.

The same mentality is evident in Government health care ‘reform’. The Medicare and Medicaid government programs are collapsing under the weight of exploding costs in the trillions and are victims of millions in fraud each year? No problem! Let’s take something that doesn’t work on a small scale and implement it on a national scale.

The reality is that the Government cannot create jobs in a private economy. The Obama/Democrat approach is a failure of the leftist ideology to align with this reality and how jobs are really created. Unfortunately, they continue to hold that it can’t be their ideology that is wrong, so it must be a problem with realty. This is where the problem starts. Reality must bend or change to accommodate their flawed theories. The world can’t be the way it is, it has to be the way they want it to work and wish it would work.

Because this behavior won’t work and can’t work, we in the military coined the realist bit of wisdom long ago: ‘Hope is not a strategy’. Not when lives were at stake. This was around long before the young and naïve Obama came into office.

I have a new slogan I’d like to suggest for the Obama administration: “If at first you don’t succeed trying to command the economy to recover, then fail, fail again.”

Friends, they will continue to fail us and our country until we vote them out of office!

Full article on continued Obama anti-stimulus: “More Stimulus? Analysis Finds Funds for Roads, Bridges Has Had No Impact

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The Painful Process of Watching Liberals Trying to Create Jobs

Why are there are no jobs forth coming? Why has the ‘recovery’ been jobless? It all can be traced to the top: The collectivist ideology of the President and his administration, his surrounding interest groups, and his economic advisors.

Socialism/Collectivism: The President and his administration mistakenly believe that the Government can create jobs. This is false. The PRIVATE SECTOR and PRIVATE CITIZENS create businesses that create jobs. The Government can only do a couple of two things. It can create Government jobs and it can remove or minimize the barriers of tax and regulations to unleash business growth and the American entrepreneurial spirit. Obama understands none of this because he lacks wisdom about human nature and what works. Instead, he uses old, disproven socialist dogmas that the Government can centrally run the economy- that spending tax dollars taken from a productive group to buy the allegiance of a non-productive group will somehow stimulate the economy. He has apparently projected his view of the uneducated, unskilled that he plied with tax dollars as a community organizer onto the country and economy as a whole. He does not understand regular Americans or how the private sector drives the economy.

Green ‘Jobs’: He is beholden to the idea that unsustainable wind mills and solar cells will create a green ‘industry’ that create untold ‘green’ jobs and boundless energy to boot. I am an environmental science major. I wish this could be true. The evidence thus far is that no green technology has been innovated yet that is cheap enough, productive, stable, or consistent enough to produce anything substantial in the free market. Thus far is an abject failure. Without Government subsidies, all these ‘businesses’ grind to a complete halt. The ‘green industry’ is a total sham. Until the Government gets out of the way and private citizens innovate something that regular people want to buy or use instead of affordable, consistent, and sustainable fossil fuels, it’s an idea before its time (and they can be out-sourced, too).

Unions: The President is beholden to Unions as an interest group. Everything they stand for is anti-business. It’s almost childish in nature the way Unions argue their case for artifical, unsustainable wages for labor in an otherwise free market. Then they are baffled when they destroy industry after industry. This is an easily seen historical fact. Unions destroy more jobs than they ‘save’. They create nothing.

Failed Keynesian Economic Theory: Bush was also involved with allowing economic advisors to push this, but Obama has now applied this failed approach on a much bigger and damaging scale. Spending money (our money) to ‘stimulate’ the economic spending of people and businesses is like treating the symptoms of a disease and not the cause. Once the money cycles through the economy, it’s gone. No business owner is going to hire more people and risk money to expand based on short term political spending. Here we are the better part of a year later and only 25% or so has been spent and joblessness has only gotten worse. Business growth is spurred by things business owners can objectively count on like paying less tax so the cost and burden on working harder is less and they have a better chance of succeeding.

I won’t even get into how the collectivization and destruction of the health care market via Government take over, a huge future carbon tax, and the general socialist attitude of the Government is depressing any business growth or risk taking. If I were I big or small business investor, I would be sitting on my hands, too. I would be waiting to see what radical and non-free market ‘change’ (seizure/destruction) this administration will ram down our throats. The majority of Americans are beginning to wake up to the lack of wisdom and lack of American values and ideals they share with Obama and his collectivism. Unfortunately, we will have to suffer more economically until they figure out how jobs are really created or are voted out of office.

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Is the Economy That Bad, Or is it Really Media Bias?

I have noticed for an unrelenting drum-beat of economic depression by the mainstream media during Bush’s terms in office. This has occurred, despite the fact we had a nearly unbroken string of growth quarters during the last 8 years. Now, with the collapse of the housing market-bubble, we have a necessary correction of bad fiscal behavior by BOTH lenders and borrowers.  But, to believe the media, we are just this side of economic Armageddon. It’s the sequel to the Great Depression.

But is it really that bad or is the reporting wrong? The facts point to a media message that is at odds with reality. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the current unemployment rate is 7.2%. That’s nowhere near the 20-odd% unemployment rates of the Great Depression and still about half the usual rate of our European neighbors. The financial sector is paying specifically for its bad behavior and those businesses that were uncompetitive or financially unsound (Big 3 auto makers, for instance), are the ones suffering solvency issues with the downturn in consumer spending.  Outside of that, most industries are only working against a general contraction of consumer activity and not the predicted ‘catastrophic economic collapse’. All I’ve seen personally when I go out is a ton of lowered prices, coupons, and key commodities like gasoline that have fallen to historically low prices. Call me silly, but this change doesn’t seem that bad.

So really, my hypothesis is that a Leftist-biased mainstream media is at the root of driving an unbelievably intense campaign of information ‘doom and gloom’. It seems like they don’t want to see (or want you to see) any positive social or economic realities. But why? Because it’s been a non-Liberal leadership in the White House and, until the last few years, a non-Liberal dominated Congress. History shows us that, until about the 90’s, there was a monopoly that controlled and shaped the news. Not because it was some vast conspiracy, but because there were so few channels for the news to flow through. The news primarily came through the Big 3 TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) and a finite set of major newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, etc). The other half of the equation, though, was that journalists have become increasingly more Liberal than their general public readership. Pew Research has documented this consistently. The Media Research Center noted a Pew Research poll in 2004:

Five times more national outlet journalists identify themselves as liberal, 34 percent, than conservative, a mere 7 percent. The poll also discovered that while the reporters, editors, producers and executives have a great deal of trouble naming a “liberal” news outlet, they had no problem seeing a “conservative” outlet, with an incredible 69 percent readily naming the Fox News Channel.

Another Pew finding at their site found:

The research from Weaver and his colleagues echoes the findings of a Pew Research Center survey from 2004 revealing that while the majority of journalists described themselves as moderate, they were clearly to the left of the public. One example was that journalists were considerably more willing to say that society should accept homosexuality than the average citizen was.

In a good Wall Street Journal article by Peggy Noonan, she illustrates the collapse of the monopoly:

…But in the past decade the liberals lost their monopoly. What broke it? We all know. Rush Limbaugh did, cable news did, the anti-monolith journalists who rose with Reagan did, the Internet did, technology did, talk radio did, Fox News did, the Washington Times did. When the people of America got options, they took them. Conservative arguments rose, and liberal hegemony fell.

If I am right, then we will see an abrupt about-face on the tone of economic rhetoric shortly after the inauguration coming tomorrow. We will have a distinct absence of Republicans/Conservatives and a nearly monolithic Democrat/Liberal presence in the White House and Congress. I am very interested to see if, suddenly, we see a media viewing the world with rose-colored glasses because we have the ‘proper’ Liberal perspectives in our government.

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