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Obama Still Lacks Wisdom to Solve the Country’s Problems

After the recent loss for Democrats in Massachusetts, the following response came out about Obama:

The official said Obama was furious with Democrat Martha Coakley for what many in Washington saw as inept handling of a once-sure victory for the seat long held by Kennedy. The president also, undoubtedly, was mad at himself.

He said as much in a first-year anniversary interview with ABC News, acknowledging that he had made a mistake in not making his aims clear to the American public — a failure he already had planned to correct but which now had become more imperative. (article source)

It’s hard not to mock the President after reading the above. He still thinks it’s the messaging that has caused his failure of results. That he has not been clear enough. It’s the content! His ideas don’t work! His aims have always been clear just like his most-leftist Congressional voting record: he is an old-school collectivist.

When will he and the other collectivist Democrats finally recognize that their ideas are bad? That collectivism in all its forms does not work? He is naive and completely lacking wisdom if he thinks loving the employee (as long as they don’t make too much) and hating the employer will create jobs! This is one of the most anti-business administrations in history. How deluded is he and his administration? Did radical mentor Saul Alinsky totally brainwash Obama?

Unless he abandons his leftist ideology, Obama will be a one-term president ranked in the bottom level with the likes of Jimmy Carter.


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3 Responses

  1. lizzygram says:

    Well, he was clear this morning in his Address to Mayors. Need to vitialize and revamp cities and create jobs. He must have said it five times or more within an hour. I guess he was trying to make himself believe it …for no one else was buying it.

  2. Philosopher says:

    It makes you wonder how many times Obama is going to talk about the need vs. DOING something that will work?

    An idiot could ID this problem. The hard part is doing what needs to be done. For an inflexible, leftist ideologue like Obama, I think it will be denial and more of the same collectivism.

  3. lizzygram says:

    I totally agree with you. I can’t wait to his State of the Union Address in a week or so. He is going to be saying and promising the same old thing. Well, he got another big blow today which will put a big bump in his road and for the Democratic Party. The Supreme Court reversed some of the financial campaign laws. This mean all those big banks that he is trying to regulate and tax highly ……and all the Insurance companies that he is trying to put out of business with his Obamacare…can ban together and fight for the Republican Party come November and in 2012. This bothered him for his game field just got alittle bit smaller. He mihgt have SEIU in his back pocket but …if the banks and insurance companies ban together they are much larger than SEIU. He is in trouble.

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