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Like Atlas, America Shrugged in Massachusetts

In Ayn Rand’s famous, philosophy-based book “Atlas Shrugged”, she detailed what would happen to our free society if it was ever overcome at some point by a drive toward the tyranny of collectivism. An intellectual herself that fled the Soviet Union, she described with great accuracy, and past experience, the economic and social breakdown we would experience in this negative transformation.

But she took it a step further and brought up an interesting question. What would happen to the society-destroying collectivists if the hard working and educated class of American citizens withdrew themselves from society and the collectivist’s grasp? From that point on, it’s a gripping and enjoyable story of hysterical collectivists unable to loot the fruits of free-market Americans for their own benefit and ambitions.

What’s not so enjoyable is how chillingly prophetic that book is in describing today’s radical political environment of attempted transformation of America by Obama and a core of Democrats.

I’ve often wished that we could do the inverse of Rand’s story and put all these eager collectivists we currently have to suffer out onto an island away from us. Then we could let them experience the economic and social breakdown their ideology will always bring. That way, the rest of us with individualistic, free-market American values could go back to having productive lives, a high standard of living, and most important- a full measure of individual freedoms!

Instead of dreaming about the above scenario, I realized while watching the Brown-Coakley election unfold that Americans in Massachusetts did ‘shrug’ last night. They threw out the Leftist-oriented Democrats that have held power for decades and voted against government-run healthcare and the general unworkability of collectivism.

It happened in Virginia, in New Jersey, and now in Massachusetts. There is no place more liberal than that state, so all political spin that it was somehow was a loss caused by some vague ‘bad environment’ factor is wrong and dishonest. Massachusetts has government health care today and, as a consequence, pay the highest premiums in the country. They’ve seen it doesn’t work and showed their understanding of this reality at the voting booth. 

Americans business owners will hopefully continue to ‘shrug’ economically and not invest and not expand, and therefore not create jobs until Obama and the far-left Democrats learn they cannot keep destroying our free market with collectivism or are fired and thrown out of office. We must keep showing the same strong voting fortitude and voice until government-run health care is killed along with the horrible cap and trade schemes and any other collectivist take over of our society. Live free.


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