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The American Form of Government- A Primer

America is in crisis now not only because of Obama’s current drive towards tyrannical control of our lives by the government, but because of decades of neglect in teaching our children about America and the exceptionalism that lay behind our great politic experiment.

Men who were wise to the objective reality of existence and the constants of human nature created for us a Republic based on the rule of law. This is in stark contrast to the post-modern subjectivists and collectivists that populate the White House and our Congress today.

To better understand the tyrannical path that this country is on, I beseech you to take 10 minutes from your busy day and and watch this primer on what our American is, and has been, since its founding. This is a quick, but key piece of wisdom and civics that should have been taught to all students before they graduated from our school systems,  joined the ranks of adults, and assumed the burdens of citizenship in our communities and this country:

The American Form of Government

It is even more relevant today, given the state of society and our country.


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