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Obama is a Slow Learner on Jobs

After passing a three quarters of a trillion ‘stimulus’ bill that hasn’t created (not ‘saved’) any jobs, Obama and his administration are trying the same thing again with another ‘stimulus’ plan to pour an additional $75 billion of our money down the drain.

Most wise people will tell you that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. We have, in fact, entered the realm of the delusional (also called Leftism/Collectivism/Socialism) with Obama, his administration, and most of the Democrat party.

The issue is reality. Reality is the objective state/truth about something , some situation, or the way it things actually work (not how we wish they would).

Analysis shows that states/regions that received the most government subsidizing of road building programs have ended up with the same unemployment rates as other states/regions? No problem! Try more of the same thing that didn’t work the first time.

The same mentality is evident in Government health care ‘reform’. The Medicare and Medicaid government programs are collapsing under the weight of exploding costs in the trillions and are victims of millions in fraud each year? No problem! Let’s take something that doesn’t work on a small scale and implement it on a national scale.

The reality is that the Government cannot create jobs in a private economy. The Obama/Democrat approach is a failure of the leftist ideology to align with this reality and how jobs are really created. Unfortunately, they continue to hold that it can’t be their ideology that is wrong, so it must be a problem with realty. This is where the problem starts. Reality must bend or change to accommodate their flawed theories. The world can’t be the way it is, it has to be the way they want it to work and wish it would work.

Because this behavior won’t work and can’t work, we in the military coined the realist bit of wisdom long ago: ‘Hope is not a strategy’. Not when lives were at stake. This was around long before the young and naïve Obama came into office.

I have a new slogan I’d like to suggest for the Obama administration: “If at first you don’t succeed trying to command the economy to recover, then fail, fail again.”

Friends, they will continue to fail us and our country until we vote them out of office!

Full article on continued Obama anti-stimulus: “More Stimulus? Analysis Finds Funds for Roads, Bridges Has Had No Impact

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