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Obama: Leader of the Ultimate Anti-Business Administration

Is it really that hard to figure out why our ‘economic recovery’ has ‘mysteriously’ produced no jobs? Obama wonders, Pundits and the Media wonder, and Leftists and Democrats (but I repeat myself) wonder.

The only ones that don’t wonder are the bulk of normal Americans that are involved in business and the free market economy. They are not risking their money or hiring workers because Obama’s extreme and sweeping collectivist policies are threatening the underpinnings of the free market system. His collectivism threatens to change the rules of the market to that of politics and irrational whim.

To wit: the Government under Obama conceived of the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program. Here was a blue ribbon piece of collectivist, central planning. Its intent was to get low mileage cars off the road and, the real intent, was to ‘stimulate’ the union and regulation-devastated US car industry into productivity. It was a sop to the environmental loons, auto unions, and they thought it would stimulate the economy. too! It was a masterpiece of successful government economic meddling, right?

Wrong. What really happened:

Cash-for-Clunkers = Stimulus for Japan
Clunkers greens foreign competitors’ bottom line (HP)

Congress continues to pat itself on the back for its clunkers “stimulus,” hoping that no one notices the details. The latest embarrassment: Having spent $80 billion in taxpayer money to bail out Detroit, federal data confirms that Congress designed a clunkers taxpayer subsidy that boosted the sales of foreign cars.

The disconnect comes from placing green religion over business sense. (emphasis mine) Were Congress really interested in helping domestic car companies, they would have made the clunkers rebate available to all vehicles, not just fuel-efficient ones (new cars had to get at least 22 mpg to qualify for the $4,500 rebate; trucks 18 mpg). After all, struggling Chrysler’s most competitive products are trucks, not small sedans. (emphasis mine)

But determined to force its green morality on Americans, Congress punished domestic automakers by walling off their more profitable large vehicles from buyers.

The result? Buyers flocked to the small cars Asian manufacturers do best.

For example, according to NHTSA, when buyers traded in a Detroit-built “clunker,” 58 percent bought a new foreign car. When customers traded in a foreign car, by contrast, only 14 percent bought a Big Three vehicle. (emphasis mine)

Hail to the central planning idiots. We just financed the sales of foreign cars and the growth of foreign jobs with our tax payer dollars. It’s not results that count, just good intentions, right?

Is it a wonder why the Soviet Union crumbled under the un-workability of its collectivist policies and ideology? Is it a wonder why rational, free market capitalists are sitting on their hands waiting to see how radically Obama and Democrats will deconstruct our society?

How many times must history repeat itself for the reality-challenged amongst us before they finally learn?

Think on this and vote accordingly in the 2010 elections.

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