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Obamacare will not Add a Dime to our Budget Deficit?

Does anyone besides the President believe this? In my previous post, I addressed Obama’s outrageous claim that he would not sign a bill that added one dime to the budget deficit. Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell echo’s this same thought with the same incredulity:

To tell us, with a straight face, that he can insure millions more people without adding to the already skyrocketing deficit is world-class chutzpah and an insult to anyone’s intelligence. To do so after an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office has already showed this to be impossible reveals the depths of moral bankruptcy behind the glittering words.

Did we really need CBO experts to tell us that there is no free lunch? Some people probably did, and the true believers in the Obama cult may still believe the president, instead of believing either common sense or budget experts.

Again, either Obama is approaching a state of being delusional about what he believes or he thinks we are too dense not to see the falsehood and shout ‘Lie!’.

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