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Obama Speech: Same Old Tune

Obama’s speech to Congress changed nothing in the health care debate. I am constantly amazed at the untruths and disconnects that he clings to.

-He says he will not sign a bill that adds one dime to the deficit. Great! If he was serious, that would mean his approach is dead.

-He says that if you want to keep your current insurance or doctor, you can. Once they give a business a ‘free’ option to dump one of their fastest growing costs, they will in a heartbeat! Does he think we are stupid and don’t see the indirect outcome here?

-He says the ‘worst’ mis-information is around death panels. I have lived in Canada and my wife’s grandmother WAS DENIED TREATMENT DUE TO HER AGE. It’s an objective fact. When bureaucrats decide if you are ‘productive’ or worthwhile-enough to warrant government treatment or not, they have the power of life or DEATH over you.

Obama continues to be an ‘idea’ guy whose lack of real world experience and wisdom constantly shows his dis-jointed, collectivist and theoretical worldview and rookie mistakes. Then he leaves the heavy lifting of the policy to a highly leftist Democrat party and seems baffled when its socialism is rejected by the American public and contains horrific or anti-American provisions.

Here’s an informed citizen’s solution for workable health care reform:


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2 Responses

  1. It’s only a failure if you want it to fail. You must be praying his policies fail, so that America doesn’t. Same old tune, Mister Dittohead, Sir. The GOP talking points on healthcare haven’t changed in seven months. Make some effort.

    • Philosopher says:

      Your comments are all over the place.
      First, things aren’t failures because of whim, they fail for objective reasons. Wishing the world to work a way counter to it’s nature is a child’s view of the world.
      Second, whether you meant or not, I agree with your comment ‘You must be wishing his policies fail so that America doesn’t.’ America is founded on individualism, not collectivism- so yes, hopefully Obama’s collectivist policies will fail to become legislation.
      Finally, the ‘same old tune’ means my principles are consistent and true- not based on emotion and relativism.

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