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A Must See Primer on Our Future with Obama-Care

Check out this short video, filmed guerilla-style, on the real state of ‘Health Care’ in Canada, our good neighbor to the North. It is a must-see for a glimpse at our inglorious future of health care in this country if we lurch left toward a govt-run program:

This is exactly the same experience I had with my family when we lived in Canada from 2004-2006 (it’s worse now- see below).

IBD Article:

If that’s too right-wing, try CBS or NYTimes going back as far as 2005-2006:


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  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Philosopher. I enjoy your blog. However, I would challenge the idea that universal health care is equivalent to socialized health care. Socialism means the government ownership of business; I don’t believe that the current proposals call for the government to own or operate any hospitals, clinics, or even insurance companies. (Although the hospitals the government DOES own — VHA hospitals — are among the best in the country. Source:

    The free market is a very good system, but it needs to be regulated. How have the unregulated financial markets been working out? The current health care system seems more like business ownership of government. What do you call that?

    While I agree with many of your points, what you’re describing can be summed up as health INSURANCE reform. I agree this is absolutely necessary. And yet I think health CARE reform has a larger purpose. Specifically, it needs to:

    (1) Guarantee a basic level of care for free (yearly checkups, shots, screenings, etc.) to reduce preventable illnesses and unnecessary emergency room visits.

    (2) Ensure that coverage is available to everyone regardless of preexisting conditions and can be carried over with changes of employment or during periods of unemployment.

    (3) Address the long-term financial shortfalls of Medicare, Medicaid, and other existing programs by reducing costs and moving away from a fee-for-service model.

    Those are just a few things that health care reform must achieve, and, in my opinion, the government’s involvement is essential — the free market won’t take care of it on its own.

    That doesn’t mean socialism. It means a government-regulated free market system with public and private options — the same system that works with Medicare, the USPS/FedEx/UPS, flood insurance, and many other services.

    • Philosopher says:

      Vincent, Thanks for your well thought out comments. I would disagree with you on several points.

      1. The free market is the only system that works well. It does not need to regulated. Regulations always end up distorting the market and human nature always leads to over-regulation which, means you no longer have a FREE market.

      2. I am for health CARE reform, not ‘insurance’ reform. To see my solution, see the previous post:

      3. The feasiblity of three points strongly depend on the level of spending that would need to be committed to. If you were a Democrat, I would say we would have a chance of having a bi-partisan debate that might create something useful.
      a. Health care is never free. People have a right of access, but DO NOT have a ‘right’ to have it provided any more than they have a ‘right’ to have food, transportation, or housing provided. In fact, the ‘social justice’ ‘right’ to have a house is why we had a financial melt down.
      b. I agree coverage should be available to everyone, but done with the free market that charges a higher premium for conditions according to their severity/cost.
      c. Medicare is a bust. The only way to address that program is to limit it to a fixed amount per person we could afford and then you pay the rest. Otherwise, I think we really need to dissolve the program and let the free market handle this like should be done for everyone.

      The one thing that is key is that the government needs to advise and then get out of the way! The free market works for all the major prosperous parts of our society. It’s what this country was built on. We deviate from that wisdom at our own risk.

      Medicare is broke, the USPS is broke, and govt flood insurance encourages idiots to keep rebuilding in areas that will be wiped out 1-3 times in their life time. None of those programs ‘work’ in other than an artificial short term. A free market will naturally regulate all of the above.

    • Philosopher says:

      On the ‘How have the unregulated financial markets been working out?’ point, they would have worked if they WEREN’T ‘regulated’ and ultimately destroyed by government/political leftist ‘social justice’ that dictated another fake ‘right’ for the financially insolvent to have a house they couldn’t afford. The markets followed the govt lead in bad/risky financial behavior all ‘backed’ by our tax dollars. It was a surety for failure. The only question was the timing.

      For details see post:

  2. Abigail says:

    This is so true! We have relatives from Canada and they validate everything in the video. I haven’t read the articles yet, but I did see the headlines. How ironic that we want to go to a system that they are running FROM!

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