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The Ultimate Wages of Today’s Collectivism

I saw a great statement/articulation of where the Obama administration and Democrat’s collectivism is taking us: 

Despite its human cost, the lure of dependence would appear to remain very strong. We have installed a popular administration that promises a new level of dependence for Americans. The new administration’s stimulus bill seeks to undo the positive incentives of the 1996 Welfare Reform law which rewarded states for reducing dependency, and go back to rewarding states for increasing their welfare rolls. This alone is a major setback to which can be added all the other avenues through which this administration and this congress intend to “help” the rest of us toward a state of reliance that they know will weaken us and empower them. Such thinking must — and surely does — imply an assumption of superiority (them) and inferiority (us) that requires one to ignore the fact of America. That is the fact of an extraordinary nation built by ordinary self-reliant individuals.

American Spectator: Dependency‘ article

I believe this will be a great learning experience (although negative) and contrast for Americans on the value of our founding on individual liberties vs. collectivism and the eventual tyranny that inevitably follows. It’s unfortunate we will have to learn this by experiencing years of diminished quality of life .

Instead of this primitive way of re-learning what works, the American founding values of strong individual liberties, small  central government, economic free markets, and the rule of of law need to be taught to a generation of adult citizens and once again be taught to students in school that hope to be productive, functional citizens in the future.


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