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America Equals the Free Market

America’s founding ideals are robust individual liberties, free market capitalism, and the rule of law. Those that are creatures of the moment, power seekers, or social activists seek to ‘transform’ our country into something that is unrecognizable. Our enshrinement of individualism is reflected financially in our free market approach to our economy. Neither can survive without the other.

This concept was aptly put in the article “The Search for Crisis Leadership” today in the American Spectator:

The most serious repercussion of a continued crisis comes in a threat to America’s free market moorings. America owes more than just its prosperity to it. Our attachment to free enterprise distinguishes us as a nation as much as does the Constitution. The two are pillars, each bolstering the other. The Constitution, by creating free individuals, ensured free economic agents. Conversely, it is impossible to see the Constitution being created by other than free economic individuals. It is hard to imagine either surviving the demise of the other.

 Forget the above title-statement at your own risk, political leaders.


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