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Why Rush Limbaugh Really Wants Obama to Fail

Private citizen and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is still at the top of the news. Why? Because he is a more coherent and principled threat to Obama than the Republicans or anyone else.

Many people (or at least the mainstream media) seem shocked and angry that anyone could say such a thing about our progressive, multi-racial (or just black if you are ignorant of his heritage), tingle-inducing President. Why did Rush say such a thing? Isn’t saying you wish the President to fail mean you want America to fail?!

The simple answer upfront is no, Rush Limbaugh does not want our country to fail. But why did he say what he said?

First, he is a public figure. He is an employee and celebrity figure for a national radio talk show. Publicity equals ratings. Limbaugh will take a topic and be provocative to jolt people out of their typical, philosophical stupor and garner attention for his show. The same thing is done by public celebrities and politicians all the time to promote their role and expand their influence.

Second, what Rush really meant by his comments is that if Obama’s Socialist/Leftist policies succeed in being enacted, we will no longer recognize America as we know it. Our country will no longer be based on fundamental individual liberties, but on failed collectivist policies.

What Limbaugh could have said is that Obama’s rehash of failed leftist policies will fail because of their lack of alignment with the rational self-interest of human nature. That is way too intellectually complex to catch the attention of today’s attention-deficit inhabitant. Instead, he has provoked a national discussion on Obama’s policies and anti-American values. He is being responded to by the White House like he is his own political party.

Apparently one man, in the classic American sense, can still make a difference in this world.

Good for you, Rush.


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One Response

  1. skyzot says:

    Good article, you hit it out of the park. The press is all over this and trying to demonize Rush. The have no, I say no idea how many people listen and learn from Rush.
    My wife of 37+ years, a lifelong liberal Democrat, is now listening to Rush and watching Fox News. That makes me a very happy man. Paul

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