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Why Universal Health Care Equals Poor Health Care

I have posted before on this blog why Universal Health Care is a really bad idea. One of the those reasons was rationing.

As Sally C. Pipes notes in her book, “The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care“, socialized healthcare leads to rationing by causing shortages in key resources like doctors:

Part of the problem is a physician shortage. One out of ten Canadians is seeking a primary care doctor. According to Pipes, “Over the last decade, about 11 percent of physicians trained in Canadian medical schools have moved to the United States.” This is in large part due to a massive pay discrepancy. “The average Canadian doctor earns only 42 percent of what a doctor earns in the United States,” says Pipes.

This is what happens when Soviet-style centrally planned government sets what it sees as ‘proper’ pay for private citizen’s jobs.

Say, isn’t that exactly what they are proposing for private citizens in the financial services industry…?


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