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Calls for Firing NASA’s James Hansen

As with all zealots, their true activist goals will eventually show through. James Hansen, a government figure in charge of climate studies at NASA, has been one of the principle voices for climate alarmism since the inception of the unproven scientific theory of human-driven ‘Global Warming’. What his crusade of eco-doom has to do with our space program, I don’t know.

Having regularily acted beyond his role, he has inarguably crossed the line by singularly appearing in a private activist organization video calling for civil disobedience against his own government!

Noted in an article by The Heartland Institute:

“It is plainly improper for someone on the U.S. government payroll to advocate civil disobedience on behalf of a non-government advocacy group,” said Dan Miller, executive vice president of The Heartland Institute and former chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission. “As long as a public official is on the public payroll, his first loyalty is to his constituency, not to some outside pressure group calling on people to break the law,” Miller said.

A video featuring Hansen is prominently displayed on the Web site of a group called Capitol Climate Action. In it, Hansen says “please join us” at a protest at a power plant in Washington, DC. The facility burns coal to generate electricity. The Web site calls on people to “surround the plant, disrupting access, and refusing to leave when asked.”

Beyond this, he has become unhinged in comments tarring those that transport or use coal as the cheap, abundant form of energy it is as Nazi’s:

Hansen has become increasingly strident in his condemnation of coal-fired plants, which he has compared to the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz during World War II. Incredibly, he has even called for Nuremberg-style trials for scientists who disagree with him about the causes and possible consequences of climate change.

 This guy is not only unhinged, but clearly no longer acting anything like an apolitical, government-paid scientist should be. Other experts note:

“If I did what Jim has done while I was a NASA employee, I would have been drawn and quartered … and then fired,” said Dr. Roy Spencer, principal research scientist for the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

“I have been following Jim Hansen’s travails over many years,” said Hans Labohm, a climate policy expert based in The Netherlands. “My impression is that he has been acting like a climate activist rather than a climate scientist. We in Europe tend to regard NASA as a serious scientific organisation. I have always wondered how someone like Jim Hansen could be part of it. As an expert reviewer of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report, I believe I express the concerns of many people.”

“Hansen is primarily responsible for making climate and climate change a political rather than a scientific issue, and for that alone he should be fired, especially since his position as a scientist and a bureaucrat must be apolitical,” said Dr. Timothy Ball, former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

See the rest of the Heartland Institute’s article here:

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