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Are You a Real American? Take the Quiz!

Does anyone else feel like they are now a stranger in a strange land watching the government implement whole-scale Socialism in our country? Never have we had so many political leaders completely lacking in objective wisdom and American values.


They lack the wisdom (different from intelligence) to understand what works according to objective realities of human nature and the natural world/science. Instead, they desperately try to govern according to a wishful and collectivist worldview that is distinctly at odds with reality and what has proven to be successful (ex: free-market capitalism vs. communism).


They also have failed to understand our history and therefore lack an understanding of the American values that drove that history. These values that enshrine individual liberties have made this country prosperous and the beacon of freedom it was until recently. It makes our current political leaders wrong on all the important issues like how to keep our nation secure, on how an economy works, on how to fairly tax everyone for the common good, on what to ‘do’ about our climate, on how to create a viable healthcare market, and more.


Have you ever sometimes felt that people should have to take a test to qualify for citizenship so they can competently execute their civil responsibilities?


To this end, I have written a test called the ‘American Competency Quiz’. Take the test to find out if you are a person of common-sense American values or, at the other end of the spectrum, are an anti-American, socialist/collectivist or Leftist responsible for the current deconstruction of our country:


American Competency Quiz

Government Section

1. What is the main purpose of Government?

a. Take care of me

b. Run my life (because I can’t/am not qualified)

c. It takes a village

d. Protect the rights of individuals


2. Where does the Government get its money?

a. Mean, rich people

b. They just print it

c. By taking it from citizens through taxation


Economic Section

3. Where do businesses come from?

a. They just are

b. Rich people create them to oppress poor people or minorities

c. Thin air

d. Individuals that take the personal and financial risks to create them


4. Where do jobs come from?

a. Government

b. Capitalist oppressors

c. Don’t know- never worked one

d. Businesses


5. What happens when a business is run incompetently?

a. Its Capitalist oppressors are exposed

b. It’s rewarded with cash by the Government

c. It fails and competent companies take its place


6. What has always been the basis of the long term economic prosperity of the US?

a. Communism

b. Socialism

c. Government welfare/handouts/make-work jobs

d. Free-market capitalism


Housing section

7. If you have no credit history or significant income, do you think you are qualified to get a mortgage?

a. Yes, I have a right to a house (social justice)

b. Why does credit history or income matter?

c. Yes, I am an ‘under served’ demographic

d. No, because I will not be able to meet my financial obligations


8. If you don’t understand the terms of a Mortgage, should you enter into it?

a. Yes, It will be the bank’s fault if I can’t pay it

b. Yes, I have a right to a house

c. Don’t know what that ‘terms’ thing means

d. No, because I might not be able to meet my financial obligations


Tax Section

9. How much of our total US taxes does the top 1% of income earners pay?

a. Not enough

b. 1% of total taxes

c. 37% of total taxes (source: IRS.Gov)


10. How much of our total US taxes does the top 10% of income earners pay?

a. Not enough

b. 10% of total taxes

c. 71% of total taxes (source: IRS.Gov)


11. How much of our total US taxes does the top 50% of income earners pay?

a. Not enough

b. 50% of total taxes

c. 96.5% of total taxes (source: IRS.Gov)


12. How much of our total US taxes does the bottom 40% of income earners pay?

a. Way too much

b. Must be a lot

c. Zero Taxes (source: IRS.Gov); In fact most will get cash payments instead through Earned Income Tax Credits.



13. How can President Obama promise to give ‘tax cuts’ to 95% of Americans?

a. Because he said so and it made me feel tingly

b. I don’t know, but I heard the words ‘money’ and ‘check’!

c. He can’t, if they don’t pay taxes. What he promises to most people is a welfare payment.


14. What do real/actual tax cuts do?

a. Allow rich people to avoid paying their fair share

b. Means I get a ‘tax cut’ welfare check

c. Denies the Government its rightful money

d. Allows actual taxpayers to spend that extra money growing businesses (read: Jobs), use for personal consumption, or save it.


Healthcare Section

15. What will Universal Healthcare do for healthcare costs?

a. It will make healthcare free

b. It can’t possibly make it more expensive than now

c. It will explode costs and taxes unsustainably to pay for it because people will always over utilize a ‘free’ service


16. What will Universal Healthcare do for healthcare access?

a. It will finally allow all, especially the poor and illegal aliens, to get all of the care they deserve

b. It will disappear like Canada and people will die on increasingly long waiting lists.


17. What will Universal Healthcare do for healthcare quality?

a. It will ensure a high quality system with government watchdogs monitoring everything (even though it hasn’t worked anywhere else)

b. Quality will fall because bureaucrats will dictate ‘proper’ pay and price levels so fewer talented people will become doctors (not worth it) and companies will quit innovating new medical devices and pharmaceuticals (not worth it).


18. What will Universal Healthcare do for healthcare choice?

a. It will give me total choice

b. Boy, I have no idea what will happen

c. It will strip me of choice over my health; faceless bureaucrats will decide if I’m worth the cost of treatment or not. Don’t get old or costly.


Environmental Section

19. What would have happened if we had signed on to the Kyoto Protocol?

a. The world would have been saved

b. The world might be saved

c. The climate might cool 17 one-hundredths of a degree by 2050

d. Nothing. Nature primarily forces the climate, not Man or carbon dioxide.


20. How many climate models correctly predict any future climate trends?

a. All of them

b. Only the ones smart scientists or politicians use

c. The ones endorsed by Al Gore

d. None of them do. Zero. We don’t understand enough to model climate yet.


21. Should we destroy our economy and way of life to combat ‘Global Warming’?

a. Yes, it’s the only way to save humanity (and the cuddly polar bears)

b. Yes, it’s the best way to implement Socialism without the rubes knowing it

c. Absolutely, praise Mother Gaia and her disciple, Al Gore

d. No. No one understands how our climate works, so how can we fix a problem we don’t understand or even know if it exists? Is this a scientific question or a quasi-religious/activist/political issue?


American Values Section

22. Who is responsible for you and your life?

a. The Government

b. Somebody owes me

c. It’s not my fault

d. As an adult and citizen, I am responsible for who I am and what I do.


23. Was America founded on a socialist/collectivist model or that of a rugged, self-sufficient individual?

a. Must be the Socialist/collectivist model- look at how hip the Europeans are

b. The rugged individual model sounds mean and discriminatory

c. America should be the way that makes me feels good and tingly

d. The rugged, self-sufficient individual model.


24. What do you have rights to?

a. Everything

b. What I feel is owed to me

c. Anything that costs a lot or takes too much work

d. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The rest you have to earn.


25. Equality in America means:

a. Everyone should be forced to be the same

b. We need equality of outcome; It’s unfair that people are unequal

c. Everyone is equal, unless they come from a selected victim or minority group

d. You get equality of access, not equality of outcome. Differences in people are a natural thing and should be celebrated, not penalized.


Each highlighted/bold answer you chose equals one point towards being a common-sense American. Any other choice equals one point towards a socialist/collectivist worldview. How do you rank?


25 out of 25: You are a true American!


20 out of 25: You are mostly American (but were probably unaware of some of the tax inequality for people that are successful)


15 out of 25: You might still have potential to be an American (but really need to work on reading up on the issues; you need more common sense!)


10 out of 25: You are a Liberal (somebody, somewhere, owes you something)


5 out of 25: You are a Socialist (you should think about moving to Europe)


0 out of 25: You are a total Communist and Anti-American (everyone should do what you say for their own good, comrade)


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3 Responses

  1. pochp says:

    I’m not American PP, but this quiz is great work. I hope you copyrighted it.

  2. i took the test but failed. :)

    nice test.



  3. […] our country today. As I haved blogged in the past, I think young adults should have to pass an American values competency test before they are allowed to […]

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