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Obama’s Rookie Mistake #2

After noting Obama made his first governing mistake only a few days into his administration, now he made his first major (second overall) political-rookie mistake a little over 2 weeks into his first term as President.


In the first post of this blog, I noted that Obama’s lack of national political and executive experience made it a surety that he would make political-rookie mistakes- especially at the beginning of his term in office. Thus far, I am disappointed to say, this is turning out to be highly accurate. The current situation lends extreme credence to the argument why a Presidential candidate needed to be experienced and ready to govern on day one. There is no on-the-job-training period for the office of the President. Obama’s honeymoon ended before it ever got started because of the worsening fallout of the mortgage crisis of 2008.


Instead of blinding us with his mythical, individual brilliance, we get a political mis-step that will haunt us for years to come. Why is it that such a ‘smart’ guy like Obama would turn over his first major piece of national leadership to a bunch of old school Socialist Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid? Did he think they too were suddenly reformed and post-partisan on the basis that he was elected to office? A Wall Street Journal article entitled “The Stimulus Tragedy” notes this blunder as well: 

…Mr. Obama chose to let House Democrats write the bill, and they did what comes naturally: They cleaned out their intellectual cupboards and wrote a bill that is 90% social policy, and 10% economic policy. It is designed to support incomes with transfer payments, rather than grow incomes through job creation.

The only way this travesty of big government spending (aka ‘Stimulus Plan’) can be righted is if the President takes back control of his economic plan and breaks it up into one small bill that will actually stimulate the economy and put the rest of the pork into a series of other spending plans.


Since there are no signs of this occurring, we are about to spend the entire next generation’s tax dollars on a political blunder that will not work!

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4 Responses

  1. Cheney and Bush were pretty experienced and they lead us to the biggest economic disaster since the 1930s and a war based on a lie resulting in thousands of deaths. So much for experience.

  2. Philosopher says:

    Bush and Cheney didn’t lead us to economic crisis, political/social ideology and past government market-meddling did. Here’s explanations of the real root causes:

    ‘Social Justice’:

    Government Meddling in the Free-Market:

    As for Iraq, thousands of deaths, rapes, and torture occurred at the hands of Saddam and his regime. Anytime you deliver 20 million people from a murderous, tyrannical dictatorship into self-rule, you have done a great thing.

  3. orourkeda says:

    To say that President Obama would make mistakes as president was a case of stating the obvious. His experience at national level is limited to put it gently. However, much has been made of his cabinet appointments and surely they should have a great deal of input. Surely any presidency of the world’s most powerful nation should be a team effort. How can it be anything else? If members of his own party can’t be trusted to help rectify the american economy where does this leave him?

    • Philosopher says:

      I would say that his Cabinet and the Congressional Democrats are two separate groups with very different motivations and goals. I think/agree his existing staff of advisors should have guided him better. They should have advised him to be much more hands on in the crafting of this bill. I think it was a huge and, quite frankly, a rookie mistake to give it over to others, even his own party, to write the terms.

      Am I surprised at what the frustrated leftists of the Democrat party are doing with this legislative opening? Not at all.

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