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Obama Governing Mistake #1

After only 9 days in office, Obama has signed a bill into law and we already have our first negative impact on our country- specifically a erosion of the rule of law.

The ‘Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act’ overturns a Supreme Court ruling against a woman bearing the name of the Obama law. Ms. Ledbetter claims sexual harassment from her foreman boss at Goodyear in the 80’s. She also alleges that this led to sub-standard performance reviews that hurt her raises and promotions.

If I were a betting man, I would guess that her claims are true or mostly true. Will we ever know? No- because she brought the charges up on allegations that go back 20 years after the fact (and the main plaintiff was dead at the time of the trial).

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s rule (and the reason for the Supreme Court overturning of the verdict) is that legal claims of harassment must be made within 180 days. This is eminently reasonable. Most people can’t clearly remember a meal from the previous day, actions done 6 months ago, or especially going back 20 years! Without this standard, we are opening a Pandora’s box of legal issues for businesses with female employees as allegations of harassment can go back as far as any plaintiff pleases.

As usual with a Liberal/Socialist mindset there is lots of feel-good, emotional theory and no consideration of the practical outcomes in the real world. As noted in a good American Spectator article on this topic:

One unintended consequence of this act may in fact be greater discrimination against women. Given two equal candidates for a NEW job, the female may now be viewed as carrying greater financial risk from the increased long-term potential for litigation because of Lilly Ledbetter’s Act. And perhaps fewer women will be hired compared to men.

This is almost certain to happen in the job market. Businesses are not emotional, they are rational and cost-driven. Just as every Democrat feel-good expansion of the minimum wage reduces the total number of minimum wage jobs, so will this flawed law hurt in practice, the very group it purports to help! Leftists just seem to lack the wisdom to see this theory-practice gap on almost every idea they advance. But, as I will show in a post later on, intelligence does not equal wisdom.

Finally, what is disturbing about this issue is the fact that Obama is a lawyer by profession. He, of all people, should understand the broad, negative impact of this erosion of law. Instead, he has chosen the path of short term, feel-good political gain and the long-term cause of justice, women’s employment, and the economy in our country will just be damned.


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