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High Taxes for Thee, but Not for Me!

At first I chuckled when I heard, on Fox News, the choice statement: “Now we know why Democrats aren’t against higher taxes- they don’t pay them.” Today I’ve quit chuckling and am now genuinely concerned. In the new ‘ethical’ administration of Obama, we have an unbelievable trend of tax cheats.

The worst, of course, is Timothy Geithner. Here we have a tax cheat in charge of the IRS as Secretary of Treasury! The wise adage that comes to mind is “Don’t put the fox in charge of the henhouse.” But let’s be honest- one out of a host of nominee’s isn’t crazy. You just wouldn’t expect a nominee’s legal and civil failing to be directly related to his or her’s job role. This is like the Attorney General nominee having an arrest record and calling it ‘an honest mistake’.

Next, we have Daschle, the now withdrawn Secretary of Health also having multiple years of tax ‘forgetfulness’ and a $140,000 IRS bill. Between two data dots, you  can draw a line, but that is still thin as a trend. At least some ethical component came into play and he will not be appointed to Obama’s cabinet.

But then, as I read about the Daschle withdrawl, I saw a note about a THIRD tax-challenged nominee:

Daschle’s resignation came hours after Nancy Killefer’s withdrawal as Obama’s chief performance officer, a new post in the administration.

Officials said privately the reason for Killefer’s withdrawal was unspecified tax issues. The much-touted post was designed to scrub the federal budget.

When the heck is this going to end?! Or do liberal elites think that paying taxes is only for rubes and working stiffs?


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