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Another Scientific Stand Against the Myth of ‘Global Warming’

As the scientific truth emerges, an increasing number of scientists are speaking out on natural variations driving our climate- not social activism and/or political ambition. You may have heard of the US Senate Minority Report of 650+ dissenting scientists on the IPCC’s politicised climate reports or the 30,000+ scientists that have signed the Oregon Petition against the Kyoto Protocol.

Another important document on the growing climate sanity is called The Manhattan Declaration. It is a document signed at the end of the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York. According to the declaration it is signed by scientists and researchers in climate and related fields, economists, policymakers, and business leaders present at the conference. It calls for the immediate halt to any tax funded attempts to counteract climate change. The document has been cited as an indication that the myth of  ‘scientific consensus’ in favor of man-made global warming has collapsed.


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