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It’s a Speculative, Speculative, Speculative, Speculative World

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is a 1963 American comedy film directed by Stanley Kramer about the madcap pursuit of $350,000 of stolen cash by a diverse and colorful group of strangers. Today we have a diverse and ‘colorful’ group of political leaders that are in what can be best described as a madcap pursuit of political power based on totally subjective and hypothetical predictions of future reality.


We’ve reached a new standard of anti-Western/irrational thinking in the US. We apparently no longer make political/leadership decisions on a rational assessment of fact or provable scientific knowledge of what will happen in the short term. Instead, our government (past and soon to be inaugurated), have made decisions, or are contemplating policy decisions, on completely un-provable or unfounded predictions of future consequences.


To wit:


1. Hillary Clinton, in confirmation recent hearings for Secretary of State (American Spectator article quote):  

Hillary Clinton, in her opening remarks before the Senate on Tuesday, identified as an “unambiguous security threat” something that doesn’t even exist — catastrophic global warming.


According to Hillary’s testimony, climate change “threatens our very existence,” before she put forward another modest assertion: “But well before that point, it could well incite wars of an old kind over basic resources — like food, water, and arable land.”  

History instead shows us that civilization flourished during past periods of climatic warming (Vikings in Greenland, Chinese population doubling in just 100 warmer years, Grapes growing as far north as England, the explosion in medieval cathedral building and Renaissance culture through out Europe). As the temperature was more than 20 below zero this morning in Minnesota, we would all welcome some ‘global warming’ here!


2. Polar bears were put on the Endangered species list not because of any measured impacts on their numbers, but based on an a completely hypothetical assertion that the Arctic might be ice-free by 2008 (false) or next few years (ice is now growing) and would possibly cause a dire threat to the cuddly polar bear population (they have demonstrably survived actual past climate periods where the Arctic was ice-free).


3. Global Warming Alarmism in general. We can’t predict the weather accurately even a couple days in advance. We have 0 models that actually predict any future climate trends. We simply do not scientifically know yet why our complex climate is warming (1850-1940) then cooling (1940-1979) then warming (1980-1998 ) then cooling again (1998-2008)…(you get the idea).


4. The Obama plan to ‘save’ jobs. Instead of sticking to creating actual jobs, Obama advisors guess or predict from a crystal ball that there will be 1.6 million jobs lost over the next 2 years (I wonder if they do lottery tickets?!). By arguing they think they can save this hypothetical job loss with a stimulus package, they claim today that they will create or ‘save’ almost 4 million jobs! Why not say 8 or 9 million jobs ‘saved’?! Go for broke! 

It’s really political nirvana. With this hypothetical world view, you can solve any number of future ‘problems’, ‘issues’, or ‘calamities’ by simply making them up. If the American people have become so removed from a rational, empirically-based world view and critical thinking skills that they won’t question this ‘Emperor’s Clothes’ approach, then anything can be passed for whim or political ambition.


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