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Obama Now Thinks He Can Influence 4 Million Jobs

I heard on the radio the other day that the upcoming Obama administration now thinks they can create or save up to 4 million jobs with their stimulus package. I researched it on the Internet and I did, in fact, find that this statement and plan was submitted by the chair of his council of economic advisers, Christina Romer, and by Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s chief economic adviser, Jared Bernstein.

First, as a principle, government doesn’t create jobs. It of course has the jobs that exist for the administration of a government, but in the private sector, they don’t create jobs- they only destroy or strangle them by the amount of taxes they take away from businesses and individuals. Only private individual create jobs. As I put in my previous post “Proposed ‘Stimulus’ Plan Won’t Help Economy“, they can do some real good in reducing government’s drain on our economy by reducing corporate and individual tax rates- but they do not create any jobs!

Second, I am concerned by the weasily language used on this issue- “…create or save…” X-millions of jobs. Why do I feel like it will be an outcome of 500k jobs ‘created’ and 3.5M jobs ‘saved’? What the heck is a ‘saved’ job other than a statement of pretend achievement? Either you help grow our economy or you don’t. Either, after a quarter or a year, we’ve seen X-number of new jobs appear or we don’t.

This whole approach sounds like a political way to talk-the-talk about our economy (which a Socialist would do), but not walk-the-walk (as a free-market American would do) on really creating anything. I did not vote for Obama, but as our President, I really hope gains enough wisdom (not book-intelligence) to see the difference and lead with American values.


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