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Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

In an article of the same name, Daily Tech brings forth another inconvenient global cooling factoid of dramatic arctic ice recovery.  After thousands of biased media articles and blog posts on the ‘impending catastrophe’ of total arctic ice melt off, we once again find ourselves asking how these predictions were so wrong.

As usual, the conclusion I come to is that regardless of unsettled science or (darned) reality, the drum beat of fear and alarmism must be kept up to influence political action- especially with the democratic administration of Obama coming into power soon. Those peddling the ‘global warming’ scam know they have a short window of opportunity to sneak junk eco-legislation through while sensing the ice of their activist theory is growing thinner under their feet as the current of scientific truth underneath runs faster and faster. Everyday more truth is getting out to more and more of the regular public.

So the next time you have someone who analyzes the world via emotion (fact-free types) or regurgitates a sound-byte on ‘catastrophic’ arctic ice melt off (and by association, the impending doom of cuddly polar bears), gently introduce them to the ‘harsh’ reality of the current facts of dramatic ice formation and recovery up North. They should cry tears of joy for the ‘salvation’ of polar bears and the fact world will not soon turn into a burning cinder.

Here is the rest of this arctic-ice-recovery article:  “Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979”


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